Sunday, April 20, 2008

The path of the righteous is beset on all sides

The path of the frootbat is much the same, but with the addition of banana peels.

Take this winner, for instance ("take him, please"). "Saint," I believe is his moniker. He's payin' my friend Rebecca a visit.

In many ways just your average troglodyte--he is very concerned about the "pussification of Oz," apparently. But, amid his dronings, what caught my bloodshot eye was what's beginning to sound like an awfully familiar theme, to wit, "I'm only being a noxious shithead toward you, complete stranger, because I care." Viddy:

Don’t put yourself into the prison of identity politics. Don’t surround yourself with people who do not have your good, your best interests at heart, who don’t love you. Don’t ruin your life, don’t condemn yourself to life-long misery and self-hate, egged on by a cheering squad of three self-absorbed individuals who care more about their cause du jour then you as a person.

There is much much more to life than your narrow prison cell, and there is much more life, hope, joy and love outside of that toxic web of friends of yours.

Right Christian of him, isn't it? Mighty white of him, even. And he's right, you know, because nothing says "I see you as a real person rather than as my own personal Righteous Cause" better than, f'r instance:

Screwed is an understatement for [Rebecca], if you are talking screwed up. She’s got issues. Trans issues. Needless to say, a perusal of her blog tells you she is not the cheerful one of ___'s two friends.

...[Pussification/Teh Gay Agenda/Teh Trans Agenda/Feminazis/evil leprechauns and pixies/the little dogs Trey, Blanche, Sue, they bark at me] [is] a prison which has sucked in __ and __ - both barely adults, what a tragedy - and is leading them down a path of self-destruction egged on by their idiot friends like ___. You don’t know whether you should commit them all or take them in and protect them from themselves. Or both.

See? Just like Jesus. Going after the lost sheep, as it were. Before they can pussify the entire country, which was Jesus' main concern, and rightfully so.

This is the key point, though. Quoth the Saint:

I am glad, having now read your next post, that you do agree with me on one thing: your little “community” is toxic. And who knows how toxic you are to others around you. (It is however, always ironic that the people who talk about community the most, usually don’t know what it means, and think you can manufacture it by forming an activist group and a social club.) Next time you think of “community”, ask yourself what it is you are really seeking.

Well, as to "what it is you are really seeking," duh, THAT's obvious, isn't it?

As do we all, really, deep down. Way, way, way deep down.

In lieu of that wistful fantasy, though, I'm afraid the Unwashed among us will simply have to comfort each other as best we can, toxic though our company, our -communities- may be. Someday we may indeed be worthy of the healthier attentions of Mssr. Saint, there, and indeed all the Saints out there, tirelessly plowing away on all our behalf. We can but pray, brethren and sistren. We can but pray.


ArrogantWorm said...

...I s'pose they wouldn't b'lieve praying for them to shut the fuck up doesn't count as bettering humanity, does it. Shame, shame.

GallingGalla said...

That dude is one big pile of projection, suitable for use in a psych 101 class. I think he's jealous. And how nice of him to make up nicknames for Rebecca that she never gave him permission to do.

Rebecca said...

oh jesus
best. call. ever.
*can't stop laughing*

Arkhilokhus said...

The Crocodile Dundee image was a piece of genius. I think I scared my dog when I fell out of my chair laughing.

Eli Puterman said...

hey. great site. you've got a great consciousness. i am certainly going to add you to my blogroll.

Ryan said...


Saint is truly a tool, but at least he is an amusing tool.

Anonymous said...

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