Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote of the day, 4/23/08

What does this say?

Uh, can't you read that?

I can't read this. What is this? "Abt natural"?

No it just reads, "Please put $50 thousand into this bag. Act natural."

Does it say, "Act natural"?

I, uh, am pointing a gut at you.

That looks like "gub", it doesn't look like "gun".

No, it's "gub". That's a B.

No you see, it's an N... G-U-N.

George, would you step over here a moment please.

What does this say?

"Please put $50 thousand into this bag and... abt"

- What's "abt"? - "Act"

Does this look like "gub" or "gun"?

"Gun". You see. But what's "abt" mean?

It's "act"...A- C-T, act.

Please put $50 thousand into this bag. Act natural.

- Oh, I see, this is a hold up. - Yes.

May I see your gun?

Well, you'll have to have this note initialized by one of our vice-presidents
before I can give you any money.

I'm in a rush.

- What?! - You see I'm in a rush.

I'm sorry, but that's our policy.

-- Take the Money and Run, i.e. Woody Allen when he was actually funny


tsx said...

"Waitaminnit! I have it! This gentleman has committed a spelling error! His note should have read, 'I have come to rob you'!"

"Yeah, yeah! I'd never robe anybody!"

"Well, there's just one thing to do, then."

"What's that?"

"Call a cope."

--Rita Moreno and Luis Alvarez on the Electric Company

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