Sunday, June 01, 2008

New: Carnival for Progressive Christians

I can vouch for the awesomeness of the co-creators of this project, and definitely, speaking as a non-Christian who still gets the importance faith has for a lot of people who, no, are NOT reactionary rightwingers and are in fact some of the best activists as well as souls out there, I think it's a great idea. Read on and submit if this fits you:

The carnival for Progressive Christians came out of a conversation about frustration with the organized Christian church. As a Christian without a church, I am in a quandary about sacraments, worship, fellowship…all those things that happen in a church, and I am deeply conflicted about attitudes and behaviors I see within the organized church, attitudes that, in my opinion, do not reflect the mind of Christ. The Carnival is open to anyone, and is a safe place for queer/trans/non-normative folk.

Do you ever feel frustrated with Church? What do you do to keep in touch with God? Have you written about your experiences and how you deal with them? The theme for July is “Community”.

Submit a link to your writing to The Submission Page

The first submission will be at Reweaving sometime around the first of July.

The definition of Progressive Christian being used is this

Progressive Christianity is the name given to a movement within contemporary…Christianity characterized by willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity (including the affirmation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people), and strong emphasis on social justice. Progressive Christians have a deep belief in the centrality of the instruction to “love one another” within the teaching of Jesus Christ. This leads to a focus on compassion, promoting justice and mercy, and working towards solving the societal problems of poverty, discrimination, and environmental issues.

(taken from wikipedia)


Trinity said...

Not Christian either but that's AWESOME.

Philomela said...

thanks Belle!

Anonymous said...

I *am* a Christian, and I think this is wonderful, thanks for highlighting it!

Daomadan said...

Finally! I was thinking of starting a blog just to deal with some of this. Now I can submit to a Carnival. Thanks for the link Belle!

bint alshamsa said...

This is really great. I can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

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Humiliatrix Princess Emma said...