Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dr. Creepo, I presume

um, yeah, no comment:

As soon as you start saying "when a woman says 'no' she does not always mean it" you are in hot water. I have been hung out to dry on various feminist sites recently for maintain that, whatever is going on her or in similar circumstances, it is not rape in the ordinary sense of the word. There has to be a sexual context and (assuming the doctor is not an extraordinary pervert) there is no sexual context. The feminists see this sort of thing as an "exercise of power" against an unwilling female and as far as I can judge feel therefore that it is a sexual assault.

...okay, not much of a comment.

"Hot water" and then "hung out to dry;" and then ironed, I guess. and the OP is, well, it all sounds very -scary.- I mean, if you're him. I guess I just didn't realize how -hard- things were for people like him. Just, you know, your -ordinary- sort of pervert, one presumes. Or, no...

Well, but really; how do we know he doesn't -want- to be flamed, much less hit with a malpractice suit? Besides, it'd be for his own good.

"Your lips say 'no,' but your eyes say 'I'm a big ol' troll'"

--the late blogwarbot, with whom I increasingly suspect engaging would be far more productive, even posthumously.


Trinity said...

BlogWarBot died?


shiva said...

I'm actually more disturbed by the commenters who seem to think that the woman's husband/partner should have had some sort of veto power over and above the woman herself.

belledame222 said...

Yeah, they're a fun little bunch, on the whole. "Marital rape, what a wacky fringe radical idea," that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

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