Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attention, attention must finally be paid. Again.

("D'Artagnan! How dare you talk to me that way, you...!")

O all right then, twist my rubber dwama/trainwreckspotting addict arm. Heart's got a new blog up

"to challenge and refute the attacks on me, on radical feminists and radical feminism on the internet."

I figure it'd be remiss to not at least point the way, all things considered.** So far it looks like the first few posts are about "the attacks on me," but I expect she'll get around to the rest of "radical feminists" and "radical feminism" and "on the Internet" shortly.

I will not be allowing comments on this blog; it is intended to serve as a resource. I will post each lie individually giving it its own post, so that a compendium is compiled, both of the lies and, indirectly, of the liars who tell the lies. I envision this as a sort of “Snopes” to which people can be referred whenever someone repeats or spreads disinformation.

Really? I envision it as a sort of Checkers speech as delivered by Time Cube guy, myself. I also envision you being just about ready for your closeup...

The lies, attacks, slander and defamation will come to an end.

Um...okay! This Will Come To An End! You Will Stop Looking At Me Funny! And then: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINAAAAATE...!

no, no, sorry, wouldn't want to spread any more lies or slander: Heart is not, repeat, NOT a Dalek. Not even a LITTLE bit. Get that out of your heads right now. Severely.

my comments speak for themselves.

That they do, Heart. That, they most definitely do.

**see, Heart, even if you change your mind and the post after the fact, if you publish the post with links to someone's blog, it still shows up in one's Technorati stats. like this, see?

Lie No. 2: “Heart Has Said Women of Color Oppress Her/Are Morphing
Into Her Oppressor”
http:/ fightthelies.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/lie-no-2-heart-...

morphing into her oppressor’.” Inventers, tellers, and spreaders of
this lie: Encyclopedia Dramatica (which basically tells only lies,
but still, it tells this one specifically so I am including it)
drakyn, belledame, bintalshamsa, lisa harney, veronica, aradhana,
Trinity, Renegade Evolution* Truth: I do not believe, have never
believed, have never stated that women of color “oppress” me or any
other white woman or white women. I do not believe in
9 hours ago in Fight the Lies · Authority: 1

# Author unknown
Lie No. 1: “Heart is ‘Anti-Trans’ or ‘Transphobic’”
http:/ fightthelies.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/lie-heart-is-an...

Lie: “Heart is ‘Anti-Trans’ or Transphobic” Inventers, tellers, and
spreaders of this lie: snowe, anacas, dorktastic, drakyn, belledame,
snugglebitch, piny, who has blogged at Feministe, box3, bintalshamsa,
armchairshrink, Mandolin of Alas a Blog, lisa harney, marti abernathy
*, shannon* Truth: I believe that transgender persons should enjoy
full civil and human rights with all

Sadly, that excerpt is all that comes up in the stats, so we may never know why Renegade, Marti Abernathy and Shannon were asterisked. I'm sure they'll each be devastated.

ETA: snerk.


Renegade Evolution said...

Yeah, what's up with the super special astrik? I mean, if Shannon (a rad fem) didn't have one,I'd figure it was something having to do with whatever global plot of evil non-rads are supposedly involved in this week...but yeah. And oddly enough, I believe I went off on CM rather than the great paragon of truth there, and when asked by CM, I removed the post in question? Yep, i laughed at the Special White Lady Award, but come on, that shit was funny!

I can't wait to see what I'm accused of next...well, that is if she is still naming the liars or whatever...


belledame222 said...

It's got all kinds of possibilities, doesn't it?

Lie # 456: I do TOO brush my teeth. Spreaders and instigators of this particular lie: I forget his name, but that horrible little boy who sat behind me in the fourth grade...

Lie # 989: I am NOT so vain, and I do NOT think this song is about me!

thene said...

Oooh oooh, is she going to do a post about how she totally never ever said that lesbian S/Mers are 'demonic' and can be 'driven out' by magical wymynly drum circles? I've saved the link to that one :)

belledame222 said...

She never tried to say that she never said that! There you go again, twisting her words and defaming her character and threatening her sheep, you SLANDERERERER.

belledame222 said...

oh, btw, got a playdate on Saturday: sure, pray for us, Heart; and, you know, at least one of us'll be down on our knees as well...

drum circles are nice, though: they set up a good rhythm for flogging and getting into headspace, I've always found.

Trinity said...

Thene: link plz?


Trinity said...


LCDR. PF Queeg said...

I am not sure why you're laughing at her.

She has proven her case beyond the shadow of a doubt and with... and with geometric logic that you cannot refute.

belledame222 said...

curses! tinfoiled again!

queen emily said...

Poor sausage, all these lies being spread about her.

I mean, she NEVER had sex with that woman. She's a political lesbian, after all.

thene said...

Trinity - it was in a comment she left at Allecto's place a while ago. Link here. The first line is her quoting someone else, and she 'believes this with all her heart'. Aww.

deviousdiva said...

Front row seats and popcorn anyone ?

No.... I think I'll go out and play in traffic.

*sighs (ooh, there's an asterisk that doesn't need explaining)

Helen G said...

Lie 1 Unplugged: She's not transphobic, she never said anything like that; it was that liar over there who said it and then ran away...

Awww! She WUVS us, d'you see? She rilly rilly wuvs Teh Wickit Non-Existent Trans* PPL!

It's those lying liars we need to blame. Those lying liars with their lies. The dirty liars. *They're* the ones that have been telling all those lies.

So now I can wear that bolt through my neck with pride!

I <3 <3
She's great...

belledame222 said...

I have to admit, apart from the "disgusting gratuitous bigot" factor, she can be great trainwrecky fun, even if it does feed the martyr/messiah complex to keep the binoculars trained on her. Very Important Person Is Very Important!! plus: Vogon poetry.

How's that Presidential run coming along there, Heart? So many grandiose projects, so little time.

oh yeah, something or other on one of her blog posts (ooh bad me for being too lazy to look it up right now, better go back this up quick or she might sue me for libels oh noez! her internets lawyers support her in email, no doubt), how this was inspired by Obama's "fight the smears" campaign. You know: Obama: Heart. Obama: Heart.


great stuff. -thumbs up-

That Queer Chick said...

Belle, this post was the best laugh of the day yesterday. I was reading it while waiting for my church band rehearsal to start, and I laughed so hard someone asked me what was so funny. I responded by reading Heart's excerpts and your comments aloud, When I got to the Dalek bit, one of the basses laughed so hard I thought he would fall out of his chair.

(Pew would've been funnier there, but we have chairs. Bloody Unitarians!)

belledame222 said...

yayz! DW geeks unite!

Daisy said...

I was astericked on the Collection Plate page (aka "I'm not a millionaire! Realy, I'm not!" on FIGHT THE LIES) which I am presently replying to on at my blog, and I have linked this piece.

belledame222 said...

..ooh, you know what else it reminds me of? This person. Specifically, the strange fixation on all the Detractors who are out to Slander Her.

"the path of the righteous is beset on all sides..."

That Queer Chick said...

She's been 'buked and she's been scorned.

Hey, did you have to post a link to that Sarah Jane individual? That website used up my Hideous Graphic Design Points™for the day. Not to mention trying to figure out how a medical exam is supposed to prove she isn't a lesbian... Ow, my brain!

belledame222 said...

sorry, sorry. well, the OP did warn...

Lucizoe said...

Oh, yay! More Heart insanity. Has she met Sarah Jane of the golden hymen? 'Cause they could totally be BFF.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Heart has an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry?


I don't have an ED entry. Woe.

belledame222 said...

yeah, part of the the whole anon/Biting Beaver saga. sort of your classic Asshat Thunderdome scenario.