Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Beware the feminists! Many are lesbians!

...and other wisdoms by this dude, who makes Michael Savage look like a model of sobriety and self-knowledge, albeit some similar-sounding obsessions.

Yeah, who knew, right? I want the T-shirt. Or maybe a lawn sign, if I had a lawn. BEWARE OF THE LESBIAN.


"Why All Porn is Gay"

"Sexual 'Liberation' is Illuminati Subversion"

"How UFOs Relate to the New World Order"

"Bush Victory could foil Occult Plot"

"Now Hollywood Sexualizes Grannies"

"We're Being Brainwashed to be Gay"

"Best Picture 'Chicago' Celebrates Jewish Duplicity"

...and much much more!

Note: the author has been called a "crackpot" before, and he will have you know that

I am 100% sane. The difference between us is I have research skills, access to suppressed information and a sense of spiritual truth. I am humbly trying to share these gifts.

Also, he is the inventor of the game "Scruples," and the author of a book about going to the Phillipines for a bride, on account of they're much more feminine Over There. "A Long Way to Go For a Date."

I am an explorer in the undiscovered continent of love, a scientist in the laboratory of masculine longing. Can a middle-aged man, scarred by the sex wars at home, find a new beginning on a tropical island where women are still feminine? Things don't look so good at the moment. Is my hypothesis wrong? Or will it be discredited because I chose the wrong woman? I sense the satisfaction feminists would be feeling now. But I am not about to panic."

Bless his heart.


fastlad said...

Send him to Emily Howard.

Or better yet, send him to a Swiss finishing school (remember those?) where he can - what? - tutor a lovely lady in the desirable feminine mystic.

I'm quite sure he knows better than all of us how to be a lady too, but I simply can't think about that, or the implications.

The “Ladies versus Feminists” trope makes me laugh uproariously. For my own selfish reasons I hope conservatives will continue to promote it, I see many unintentionally Pythonesque sketches in the offing.

Rey said...

Uh...the women in the Philippines are more feminine? Than who?

I'm not entirely sure what he means, but I hope he doesn't marry into my family - he'll be gravely disappointed. While the women in my fam are beautiful and girlie, they are also very controlling and - frankly - in charge. I've noticed this in a lot of other Filipino families as well. I've especially noticed this in the daughters of families who have immigrated to the US.

Do I think being in charge is not feminine? Hell, no. But I have a feeling Mr. I'm-Not-A-Crackpot-You-Amoral-Dum-Dum-Poo-Poo-Face-Who-Can't-Do-Research does.

If he did his own research, he'd know that the Spaniards were shocked by the equitable division of duties among native Filipinos when they arrived. It was the Spanish imposition of Catholicism and strict European gender laws that thwarted the further development of this equitable, tribal society. And I do mean thwarted, because if my family is any indication, it hasn't entirely been stamped out.

Rey said...

Oh, and - how the F*** do you find these people?!?!

Anthony Kennerson said...

Oh, WOW....talk about your Christian Identity loony.

This dewd is so seriously cracked...when someone attacks David Horowitz as a "Freemason" and a Jew (i.e. not conservative enough), that says a lot.

But, hey...the wingnut tent is big enough for the likes of Savage and Limbaugh..so why not ultra-fundies like him???

Belle, you do know how to pick 'em...


Txfeminist said...

Lord, I need some laughs today. I am going over to check that out.

Love the lawn sign idea. HAHAHA!

Txfeminist said...

Oh, good grief. he's one of those zionist conspiracy illuminati weirdoes.

yeah, he's up there with David Icke.

belledame222 said...

What gets me about people like this, you really start to see where the ultra-ultra-right and the ultra-ultra-left bend around and meet--i.e. the whole Bush conspiracy business mixed in with all the other conspiracies. well, and the aliens: fun for the whole frootbat family!

I keep thinking it would be a mitzvah to hook him up with this babe who's on the VC I belong to--when she's not ranting about the conspiracy to make the 9/11 attacks *look like* it was done with planes , she's ranting about the evil insidious "La Raza" swarming over the borders and how the feminist movement was co-opted by lesbians (hey, we're all *about* the co-ops) and so on and so on. and of course everyone's out to get HER, personally, and presumably her precious bodily fluids.

belledame222 said...

Oh and the beauty part about his zionist illuminati weirdo-ness: apparently he is or was Jewish.

I'm sure yer average analyst would have a field day with *that* background, if only it were known...

Aishwarya said...

What's more fun than chauvinistic asshattery? Chauvinistic asshattery coupled with abuse of the English language.


belledame222 said...

Oh, my.


The real frooty deliciousness is about halfway down:

"Correlation between breaking families and Cannibalism in Europe."

But of course!

"Next time you go for a vacation to a picturesque place in Europe, Beware !! The people sitting next to you in the local trains can very well have cannibalistic fanstasies and may even have those instincts. There are scaring reports of cannibalism and ritualistic human sacrifice in Europe...."

And in garlic and olive oil, apparently. So: barbaric, but heart-healthy.

So much for the "finish your dinner, there are starving children in Europe" trope, I guess...

Jay Sennett said...

Wacky assclown!

Sadly his notions of Filipino women are shared by other wacky assclowns.

"Don't relate to a person! Marry an object."


Popess Lilith said...

And now you know where we SubGeniuses get our source material.

Personally, though, I prefer Dan Ashwander (scroll to #194 for MP3 and description) for his insanity is much more pure than this hyper-Birchian whacko.

Just sayin'.

Violet Socks said...

I think Henry has some important findings to share.

"Domestic violence was not a problem before feminists and their elite sponsors invented it."

"Men risk jail, legal bills, and the loss of family, house and job if they so much as argue with a woman."

Tx, are you following along?

Bitch | Lab said...

re: conspiracy stuff

R read to me a conspiracy rant written by an ultra-rightnut who believes the mumps outbreak was planted by the government as a trial so they could prepare the nation for bird flu. uh huh yep.

And yeah, on the lefty discussion list there is one prominent conspiricist who's always on about 911 and lord knows what.

Dough Henwood, who does a radio show for WBAI, if forever mortified that the shows that make the most money during fundraisers are the ones that delve into conspiracy theory. These leftnuts love that crap.

belledame222 said...

"It's all falling into place! Of course, that place is nowhere near this place..."

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