Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally, (for now),

Black Amazon has a brilliant piece up at her own site, Having Read the Fine Print: "Rainbow Rage." Connecting everything from the money aspect to the "be a good girl" aspect to the mutual suspicion among would-be, should-be allies...the "horizontal" manifestations of institutionalized oppression (in part). She winds up with a blistering excoriation of the "but but but how could it happen here? At a NICE COLLEGE?" business:

...And certain student responses show it out. Surrounding residences who complain about noise are asked why they live near a college ? Because you ignorant fuckheads colleges especially all the top fives EXCEPT Princeton were placed in poor areas ( often black) for cheap land so they have very few other places to go! Because it shouldn't be expected that you kee p your irresponsible drinking and asswholishness to your own property , because you can't be embarassing if you do it to the poor folk around the college. Cause they should suffer for being in your presence.

So pressure shows the true colors of the thing no?

Shes a stripper a bad girl .

She's poor

She's off the radar ( and kept off it) before this in many a discussion cause she fit's nobody's feminist profile

She's lacking privilege.

See had the nerve to forget her slot.She had the nerve to want better and use whatever she could to do so

Furious yes. Shocked no

When even progressive movements demand you fit in or suffer who the fuck is shocked . When children are not taught at all that other people should matter. Not because of some shiny happy people bullshit but because we share the earth with them and they deserve respect. Not because it makes you look a like a good person because you SHOULD WANT TO BE A GOOD PERSON.

Amen, is all I have to say to that.


myrna the minx said...

Now the alleged victim is not only a stripper (say with contempt), she also has a police record. Didnt take them long to dig up the dirt. This thing is going to keep getting uglier and uglier.

belledame222 said...

Yeah well, fifteen of the lacrosse players have police records, too. Mostly drunk and disorderly, but Prince Charming below is apparently being charged with queer-bashing, oops, simple assault. but even so.