Saturday, April 15, 2006

Speaking of fundamentalism

Bitch | Lab provides a link to an outfit calling itself Ladies Against Feminism. Not a parody, apparently, although I still can't suppress the suspicion that Emily Howard would find herself right at home.

"I like to do ladies' things, like attend the operettas and les ballets imaginaires."


Txfeminist said...

Oh lord, that's hiliarous. Perfect. I hope she starts going to their meetings.

Thanks for the link to LAF. What a "laf".... prolly time to organize another forum-raiding party... heeheee!

Anthony Kennerson said...


Never mind the overdone makeup and the pastel blouse...the entire setting of that pic reminds me of really bad antibellum kitsch. I pity the poor staff who have to clean up behind her.

What's next...the return of hoop skirts and parasols??? Scarlett O'Hara, eat your Southern heart out!!!!



belledame222 said...

Wait, are you talking about Emily or the LAW women?

'cuz Emily, you know, has a pic with hoops and parasols, if you click on her link. also a fellow femme, Florence.

belledame222 said...


>Although I have not seen the current movie, I did watch the original "Stepford Wives" TV movie several decades ago. (I've since quit watching television.) It was extremely entertaining, but there was a subtle message in it that has interested me over the years. Now that I hear a new version of this story is out, I am reminded of some of the "messages" contained in the original film that are pertinent to the things we stand for on this site.

The first thing that attracted me to the original movies was the beautiful Victorian style clothing of the women in the film and their clean houses. Right away, I was drawn in! I absolutely love looking at show homes and home decorating sites with beautiful colors and arrangements. I have a favorite antique store that is located in an old house, where the proprietor has created a dining room, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, with everything in them for sale. Each room is a different color theme, and each room feels like home. I jokingly tell her that I love coming there, because there are no dirty dishes piled in the kitchen and no laundry to be done. The original "Stepford" film had all the elements I admired in home living. Everything was neat and clean, dinners were served on time, and happy, contented wives loved and honored their husband--and the husbands were courteous of them, also....<

belledame222 said...


and, AND:

It was around this time that I “met” the delightful LAF ladies who, quite literally, completely changed my life and my views on feminism and the woman’s role in this world. You see, I had spent almost three years of my life identifying as a lesbian. I have always believed in God and knew my lifestyle was wrong, but at the time, I didn’t care. I believed I had finally found “me.” I yearned for love and affection (something I never really had as a child) and thought that this was the only way I was going to find it. I thought that cutting all my hair dreadfully short, going to the local gay pub, hanging out with all my gay friends was happiness. How wrong I was! What an empty life that is. Out of all my friends, none of them were in a secure long-term relationship, none of them were happy, one of them was always wanting to commit suicide, another was often self mutilating, yet another was always sleeping around. They had no purpose in life, no real joy.

I have to live with the fact that I exposed my daughter to all this immorality, and I am so grateful she seems to have no recollection of that time. Even after I determined to leave my homosexuality behind me, I still struggled with my sin. I still semi-identified myself as a lesbian. I have since learnt that I didn’t have to be a lesbian. Living like a man was no way to be a fulfilled woman. Let me tell you how I know God was truly at work in my desire to leave that lifestyle behind me. There was once a time when the idea of being with a man was absolutely abhorrent to me. Truly, marriage was like a foreign concept; there was no way I would have wanted such a thing. Now, by the grace of God, I truly desire marriage to a good Christian man! Praise God!


"I simply MUST get that recipe...I simply MUST get that recipe...I simply MUST get that recipe..."


DanProject76 said...

It's like an army of Satanic Emily Howards with evil Bibles, battering the nornal ladies until they agree to stroke kittens in rivers ... and shit.

I love it.

Sly Civilian said...

i've looked at that picture a few times now...

and it's still unnerving. like creeping the hell out of me.

i have no idea why. maybe it's just that it's a example of what happens when blue eyeshadow goes wrong.

RedDragon said...

From a link on the LAF website:
*I have long admired Kate O’Beirne and her powerful work as a writer for National Review and a commentator on "The Capital Gang." But she has outdone herself with this book, which is a must-read for all who seek to understand radical feminism and the danger it poses to women, men, children, families, marriage, education and other essential societal institutions*

I think I'm going to be sick. Once again, blinkered and priviledged misses the point (deliberately).
Oh, and Belledame re the lesbian post: I wonder how they came up with that story? My favourite bit:

*I have since learnt that I didn’t have to be a lesbian. Living like a man was no way to be a fulfilled woman.*

I extremely doubt any of them have ever met any openly gay people, like, ever. But since when has that stopped people from making judgement?

r@d@r said...

i think Ladies Against Women should sue them for copyright infringement.

Txfeminist said...

- christ! what kind of kool-aid have they got over there?

Veronica said...

Oh, man. They made the rounds a year ago for saying that women and girls shouldn't play sports because sweating is unladylike.

Violet Socks said...

How screwed up do you have to be to watch "The Stepford Wives" and want to be one of the Stepford Wives?

belledame222 said...

How screwed up do you have to be to watch that whole movie (apparently) and still come away with the impression that the "husbands were courteous of [the wives], also." Did she miss the part where they like murdered them?

if she meant "were courteous to the robots." well, perhaps; but would a Lady be yelling "oh Frank, you're the best, you're the champ (squeak squeak squeak of the springs)" for all the neighborhood to hear in the middle of the afternoon? Is that a "courteous" thing to demand of your helpmate, machine or otherwise? I think not.

The funny thing is, the remake (which was godawful, hence "spoiler"--trust me, don't bother) had the whole thing orchestrated by a demented Glenn Close (there's a shocker) who just wanted a return to the lovely days of yesteryear. I guess that much at least was somewhat real...