Sunday, April 09, 2006

I wonder if that's what McFayden was taught

...that sex is for fags, I mean. More or less. Via red state feminist, we learn that the lad attended the Delbarton School, a boys-only prep school. Boys only, tuition costs $22,500 a year, which included everything but books and transportation. It is

"administered by the Roman Catholic Benedictine monks of St. Mary's Abbey and is rooted in the values of the Christian community and in the monastic tradition.


As txfeminist notes in a follow-up in the comments, a recent USA Today article says that the "Duke lacrosse allegations fit mold." That is,

reports of gang rape in college settings almost always involve fraternities or male sports teams. They say allegations at Duke fit that pattern.

"We do not assume the men at Duke lacrosse are guilty," Smith says. "Yet we are not surprised they find themselves in this predicament."

Meanwhile, back at Delbarton:

Recognizing that athletics are key in the development of a student, the School provides athletic programs that are comprehensive and varied, offering athletic opportunities to all of its students. In deference to the School's Benedictine mission to develop a student's "Mind, Body, and Spirit," the athletic program specifically pursues excellence in competition through personal development and teamwork, admires responsible and ethical behavior on the field and off, and nurtures leadership and strength of character.

Above all, Delbarton promotes the long lessons inherent to athletic achievement and good sportsmanship--that a student-athlete demonstrates humility in victory and grace in defeat.

A quick google search on "Delbarton" turned up this page:

Urban dictionary: "delbarton"

90 up, 89 down

really really gay kids who think they are hot shit just because they either go to the school because they are rich or because they are good at sports and another rich daddy plays their tuition as long as their kid gets to sit the bench on the lacrosse team. have long hair and wear pink shirts and think they are better than everyone else.

I hate Delbarton they are the gayest kids in the world
by Austin Apr 9, 2005 email it
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Itz an all boy school in Morristown, NJ. Their sports are defiantly best in the state, crush competition. Also its mainly white ass meatheads there with a coupla cool asians and other dudes on the side. Gets you into college nd stuff.

Delbarton is the greatest school ever...cuz we jus own everyone at sports!
by Fr.Giles Dec 17, 2003 email it
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Deerfield Light : Delbarton is a boarding school wannabe in the middle of New Jersey. Striving for excellence and falling short is their main endeavor. You'll find the school's graduates at prestigious colleges such as Colgate and Georgetown. However you will find that they are not well liked among authentic Prep school students. In fact it is commonly agreed upon among graduates of authentic Prep schools that Delbarton's sons are largely responsible for perpetuating the anti-Prep sentiments commonly found among the general public.

"Hey Muffy did you ever sleep with that Delbarton kid?"
"No, he had some problems maintaining an erection...I think he felt insecure in the fact that I went to a prep school thats been around for more than a century."


Txfeminist said...

Wow, awesome Delbarton stuff!

I was outraged when I read their web site, yet at the same time, couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the irony.... in a bitter way.

myrna the minx said...

NYT editorial:

support2006 said...

I forgot how authentic a source the urban dictionary is for facts. Keep up the ignorance red state feminist!

belledame222 said...

Oh goodie. Can *you* play "Melancholy Baby?"

Anonymous said...

LOL. Now it's 2007, and we know what happened with the Duke case. What a buffoon Gurganus shows himself to be with that NYT article.