Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another brief trip down Memory Lane

This website, Diary of Barbie's Worst Enemy, inspired me here, so reposting:

When I was a kid, for a while, they had Barbie heads. just the heads. like, life-size heads, on a white tray; you were supposed to style the waxy dishwater hair and paint the plastic face with the noxiously sweet-smelling cosmetics they provided.

of course i begged and begged until i got one; i was a ridiculously femmey child and loved all things makeup and so on.

in retrospect it must have been an unnerving sight. like, serial killer/John the Baptist, but--perky!!

anyway i could never get the hair to look like the little booklet said, so eventually i got frustrated and dumped it into the darkest corner of my closet.

and there it stayed for a while, a disembodied flaxen head, smiling blankly at the ceiling.


Fearless Leader said...

My cousin had one of those heads.

Even when we were both small, I was always disturbed by just how obvious the hair-sockets were ... right at the crown. Bright blonde hair with cavernous black sockets.

"Isn't she pretty?"

"Um ... sure," I'd lie.

belledame222 said...
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belledame222 said...

That's right. And the makeup never really entirely came off, and it got on her teeth and stayed there.

i seem to remember now that before i gave up entirely i had a spate of trying to make her look as... Cinderella ish as possible. dunno if i actually went as far as hacking off the hair, but did other semi-unspeakable things.

it got old, though, and she never stopped smiling.

Toastedsuzy said...

I did chop her hair off. I did it almost immediately. And not out of spite, either. I figured she wanted it "short and sassy."

But those dark black hair sockets were the first thing that came to my mind when I read this post.



SUEB0B said...

Never had one. Never even had a Barbie. My mom got me some black-haired knock off version whose clothes never fit Barbies and vice versa. But I wanted a Barbie. Oh, how I wanted one.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

(Whoops -- that was me deleting -- typos!)

Belle: Completely off topic, but:

"Are you abtholutely thure you want red? Because you said you didn't like red -- you said it reminds you of blood and therefore death."
"Yeah, I know."

"I don't like it."


And of course:

"YEAH, but, no but, yeah but SHUT UP!"

belledame222 said...

"Computer says no..."

Anonymous said...

Just linked you on my blog, cheers 4 the comments, chick!

Sarah xox

hexy said...

My flatmate got one of those to put her wig on, but then procured an actual wig head.

The doll head now sits on top of our television, gothed up with black marker makeup, wearing a pair of purple bunny ears.

We introduce her to guests as Francis. :)

belledame222 said...


I'm so bent; it just occurred to me to imagine the reaction if one put it in the freezer and then casually offered a guest an ice pop, help yourself...

Anonymous said...

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