Sunday, July 16, 2006

"I for one welcome our coming freemarket lesbian overlords"

Goddam but I think I just fell in love with R. Mildred.

[quote from dumbass commenter]

Hey… I’m a Libertarian… do what you want with your own life and body… but don’t ask me to pay the bills for someone else’s stupidity.

Want to a ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Go ahead… you’ll make a fine poster for ‘helmet safety’ as a cripple in a wheelchair…

Want to lots of meth? Feel free to ruin your health?

Wamt to have anal sex? Hey… have fun with AIDS, syph, herpes, and the rest. The anus was design to push things ‘out’ not take them ‘in.’ Anal sex is very physically traumatic on the old ‘poop shoot.’

[/quote from dumbass commenter]

So let me get this straight, the libertarian homophobe, who is not a homophobe because he doesn’t object to homosexuals just “their” methods of sexual intercourse, thinks that anal sex is bad (and only performed by homosexuals, along with blowjobs, handjobs and having an intellect greater than that of a stunned moose) because it ups the insurance costs for heterosexuals?


Seeing as Lesbians have the safest form of sex, what with no chance of pregnancy and there’s basically fuck all STDs that are readily passed through most lesbian sexual encounters, they should thusly expect to pay less than anyone else because they don’t engage in any of that highly dangerous and therefore, obviously satanic, penile based sex (regardless of whether you beleive your god is YHW or The Freemarket, because either lucifer created penile based sex to tempt good women from the holy clitoral (look it up in the dictionary eric) action which It rewards people for appropriately, or Teh Gubmint has unfairly weighted health insurance so that it unjustly favors heterosexuals over lesbians, who, according to basic economics, deserve lower premiums for their Clitorii based lifestyle). it is only logical that any libertarian who really did believe in that big ol’ Freemarket Godhead libertarians are so fond of, would gladly let it be as it wants, instead of messing around trying to game the system so that, not only is their icky, disgusting and disease ridden heterosexuality paid for primarily by the poor lesbians who have no doubt paid more than enough with a single annual insurance payment to cover every single operation chuffy mcwanker there will ever have to have because of the inexplicable objects taht get magically stuffed up his rectum and need hasty removal. AND that’d probably still leave some cash over for several dozen treatments from his local eye & wrist doctor for his more common ailments...[much more]

Now there's some quality rantage.


Angel Incognito said...


Hmmm I'm calling my insurance company today... I feel a discount coming on...

Dan L-K said...

I have nothing of substance to add to this other than awestruck applause. I do, however, want to be on record as voicing a preemptive, if futile, objection to the inevitable neologism "Lesbertarian."