Saturday, July 29, 2006


Cool idea.

Hat tip to v at resisterance for the link.

My own fave thus far:


v said...

i love postsecret. i am somewhere between laughing and crying as i read them all. i have to get the book.

thanks for the hat tip belledamme. :)

belledame222 said...

not 'tall.

I love the variety, both in message and aesthetics.

v said...

i love that people have the imagination to create them, are able to express so much through so little. i have real trouble with that, i find it really admirable. i need a zillion words to convey what im thinking, i love the way some people can do it with an image and a few carefully chosen words.

Tuffy said...

I think the idea must have come from a hugely popular livejournal community called lj_secret. That one seems to have more teenagers and a shriller tone -- and, creepily, a high percentage of "cutters."

Cheryl said...

Ugh! Why does my Google sidebar keep dropping your feed?

I've already got a funereal directive dictating what to do with my leftovers, I mean my mortal remains.

I've also informed my son that I want pedicures, manicures and chair massages available at my memorial service. Take it out of the "estate."

; )

hedonistic said...

That time is running out postcard is totally, totally giving me flashbacks and freaking me out. I'm poaching it for my next post (?), but I'll give you full credit. Wow.

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