Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yeah, I know--referring to wikipedia is getting to the point where it's almost equivalent to handing someone a dictionary.

And yet, you know: if one is wondering about any particular sub-branch or just plain where to get started, Wiki's feminism section isn't bad. Especially once you start surfing the links within.

Clarify the difference between post-feminism and postmodern feminism. Use their list to track down anyone from Sor Juana to Ana Castillo. Learn a brief history of birth control (mmm, crocodile dung and catgut condoms); and why Margaret Sanger remains controversial; and where, in fact, the term "Ms." originated...or, for that matter, the term feminism.

"And much much more!"

Anyway, happy exploring.


Bitch | Lab said...

heh. i've been doing design work, so sometimes my mind wanders to conversations -- like the one we've been tossing about here 'n' there, 'wherefore the word pornstitution?'

no dice at wikipedia.

Bitch | Lab said...

that's why i get irritated as HELL when I see some big blogger dis third wave feminism. in their myopic view, it's allllllllll about push up bras. erased from the picture is the fact that it was not about that at, but about antifoundationalist or post foundationalist critiques of essentializing claims about women's condition or the nature of women's oppression. hence, it wove together postcolonial feminist criticism, women of color feminism, queer theory, critiques from working class women, etc.

hardly anywhere did anyone advance the glories of liberation in a pushup bra, though people *did* challenge the notion that *not* wearing a pushup bra was somehow challenging Teh Patriarchy (tm).

yet, I don't know how many times I've seen people refer to 'third wave feminism' derisively -- media girl, pandagon are two examples that stick out.

irks, i tell ya. it irks.

and then the insistent dissing of the use of "waves" at all. irks some more!

the reason people have used it is to signal a period of relative quiessence in a social movement. Hence, the analogy to waves. 80s was seen as a time of relative quiet -- so called 'post feminism' as people adjusted to widespread change, absorbed, and then grew used to the changes.


back to workee for me -- lovin my hell client today. lovin' him.

belledame222 said...

yeh, I think people get "third wave" (Rebecca Walker, Riot Grrls, "Colonize This!" "Whores and Other Feminists," transfeminism, the 'zine movement, Joss Whedon) confused with "post-feminism" (Camille Paglia, Katie Roiphe, Christina Hoff Summers, not-a-feminist-because-she-shaves-her-legs-but-believes-in-'empowerment' Sarah Michelle Gellar...)

Tuffy said...

A while back this woman argued that there are more men than women in Wikipedia:

I tested her thesis thoroughly unscientifically, searching for the names of all sorts of edgy and marginal female figures, with no clear results. But there's one way Wikipedia does indubitably privilege white-male-tech-geek contributors: with its posting engine. It's really complicated, and the documentation sucks. I'm sure many people who want to write or edit entries are daunted by it.

I was actually going to put a guide to posting on my Wikipedia blog, but I got bogged down trying to figure it out myself. I put it on the back burner and, in the meantime, lost interest in the blog altogether.