Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Checking my stats; I notice that someone has gotten here via the keyword search "lesbian" (no more no less). Well, no big surprise; it's in my last post.

but so i follow the link and apparently right now at least, this little site comes up number one out of something like 1.5 million on Google.



antiprincess said...

does this mean no one is a bigger lesbian than you?

Bitch | Lab said...

you must mean google blogger search? Google still lists as number one and after that, the pretty standard sites, no blogs.

MSN search loves blogs, and they're always fun for getting good rankings, though.

belledame222 said...

I thought so, too; but it didn't *say* google blogger, i thought (I clicked directly from statcounter)

well, shit. i think i'ma have to call the FBI now. false advertising!

jackadandy said...

The majority of hits on my blog are from people doing image searches on variants of lesbian art/lesbian erotica, etc., because of an image by Tee Corinne I posted eons ago. It seems to be mondo popular and comes up on the first page of Google Images. It's interesting to me cuz it's a very butch shot from 1976. I always figure it's mostly guys looking for the lesbian stuff, and it's interesting to me that they would follow this image. So maybe there really are REAL lesbians out there doing Google searches on "lesbian erotica". Who'd a thunk it.

See image here:

belledame222 said...


yeh i expect most hetguys wouldn't be too interested. i could be wrong.

also women tend to be more likely to use the word "erotica," i think, for whatever reason.

personally i tend to be of the school that believes, somewhat cynically, that generally "erotica=what i like; porn=what i think is nasty," but hey, whatever floats yer boat.

has a certain elfin vibe to her butchness, no? something about the ears...

Angel Incognito said...

Wait, all I have to do is post "lesbian" a bazillion times on my blog??

DONE! lol