Friday, June 22, 2007

Good questions, indeed, forsooth.

yep, it's highlights from the keyword search string time again:

"what is the cause of misogyny"

"why aren't dv abusers put in confined housing"

"how is objectification harmful"

"what is chronic masturbation syndrome"

"what causes my brain to hurt when i have sex"

"what does omnivorous mean?"

"what does 'hedonistic mayhem' mean?"

"what is tantrik prayog"

"can a female to male transsexual be a hari krishna?"

"who does aphrodite hate"

"did you fucking say something..."

"do you know the number i'm thinking of"

"did you mean fuck off?"

"why should i call you motherfucker"

"what the fuck are you doing out there you mother fucker"

"what does the jewish statement,of e vey mean?"

"what does 90% fat free really mean?"

"i believe bisexuality and lesbianism is a choice does anyone out there agree with me?"

"what does it mean when a child of age 4 starts killing bugs and pulling their bodies apart?"

Even when it's not phrased in the form of a question, Alex, people do seem to be looking for information/assistance of a rather specific nature:

"definition chittlins"

"how to shave your legs with no running water"

"how to introduce your self in the class"

"dreams and islam teeth falling out in one's dreams"

"god bless the child meaning"

"how to read axe file"

"introducing yourself to the opposite sex"

"after a blunt eye injury my eyeball hurts when i move it"

and, intriguingly,

"o'reilly factor pig puppet"

Less charming: a search string that i won't retype brought me to this site (won't hyperlink, cut and paste at your discretion)

In case you were ever wondering where full blast, no holds barred misogyny and racism had gone. NSFW, not safe for eyeballs or mental health, etc.

*on edit* and apparently also produces zillions of porn pop-ups for some people. just one more caveat; honestly i don't recommend going there at all, would just remove this bit but eh, up to you.


Renegade Evolution said...

hedonistic mayhem? I am SO there!

Reb said...

>>"dreams and islam teeth falling out in one's dreams"

Well, it had nothing to do with Islam, but I've had recurring dreams about my teeth falling out for *years* now--it seems to be related to stress and fear of change. And they may not be nightmare-style graphic...but they're still pretty disturbing.

Tom Autopref said...


I had to speak out about "O'Reilly Factor Pig Puppet." I just feel so lost and empty that I didn't call my blog that.

Eli said...

Wait, is my brain *supposed* to hurt when I have sex?

I'm always so worried that I might be doing something wrong...

Rachel's Tavern said...

A lot of "fuck," "fucking," and "motherfucker" searches.

LOL!! I wonder what they think when they actually get here.

I'm surprised you haven't gotten "feminist fuck" or "fuck feminists."

gingermiss said...

Posting the search string always seems to be a fascinating window into the human psyche.

belledame222 said...

RT: oh, i get suchlike, and the nasty-creepy pr0n ones as well; i was just trying to go for, you know, the less usual ones.

Grandma Daisy said...

"can a female to male transsexual be a hari krishna?"

Well, BD, as Bill O'Reilly would say, What say you?


JackGoff said...

"what causes my brain to hurt when i have sex"

Yor doin it wrong.

Hahn at Home said...

I get some weird ones too. I sometimes contemplate who is sitting on the other end of that string and wonder...

kactus said...

That hate site totally porn-bombed my computer. I'm running adaware as we speak. You might want to mention that as an update--simple curiousity led me to getting zillions of porn pop-ups.

Course if it was just me I'd deal with it, but the 10 year old could wander in any moment :(

Amy said...

I get a lot of hits from people typing "funny rape" or "rape humour" etc...
Which, of course, directs them to my rant about how fucked up so-called rape humour is.
But I must be such a disappointment to those who found me after looking for "scorpio porn". Heh.

ms_xeno said...

I found this site by typing "vegan smoothie recipe."

Which tells you how much my brain hurts even when there's no sex available in a 10,000 mile radius. I should be treated. Or is it regulated.

belledame222 said...

ech, sorry kactus. i didn't get those pop-ups; maybe the software blocked em or something.

belledame222 said...

btw, welcome new people/delurkers.

kactus said...

thanks bd. You know how some people are--tell 'em they don't want to see something and morbid curiosity makes them look anyway ;)

That's me.

Zenobia said...

You mean people actually type questions into search engines like they would with the Delphic Oracle?

That's kind of cute.

Rootietoot said...

"after a blunt eye injury my eyeball hurts when i move it"

Ok I read "when I REmove it" and I'm all "yeah I bet it does." Then I'm thinking "can I watch you do that" then I realized I read it wrong. Oh well.

fastlad said...

If you disable the pop up blocker on Safari, the "O'Reilly Factor Pig Puppet" advertisement pops up whenever you visit and click on Tinky Winky.

I've always suspected that he's a fifth columnist, here's the proof at last. (And by the way, I was visiting that site as a favor to a friend, okay?)