Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Git-Your-Groove-On--Get On Up And Dance Version

Fedde Le Grand (Put Your Hands Up For Detroit)

Fedde Le Grand w/Camille Jones (The Creeps)

(see s-m feminists for a tad more "analysis" on the preceding two, aka OH NOEZ, SEXBOTS)

Willa Ford (Fuck the Men/Let's Drink to Us)

Madonna vs. Abba Mashup (Gimme the Hung Up)

Prodigy/No Doubt (Hella Good Girls)

Kevin Aviance (Cunty)


Eli said...

Wow, that first video is like "Addicted To Love" + Coma + SCORES...

Eli said...

I'm sure you've seen this one, right?

belledame222 said...

no, i hadn't seen that one, although i've heard the song, thanks.

and yeah, you got the Robert Palmer vibe on that first one too?

Elizabeth McClung said...

I was a bit wierded by the first video - thanks for the commentary link - my first thought was "So I can buy my entire wardrobe for 2027 now?" followed by "Oh, so I can still have individuality in choosing underwear" then followed by "Where exactly was that camera to get that kind of angle on her panties?"

Anyway, basically I was torn between feeling disturbed at a future world where women do the "slither" thing for men and the guilt at wanting to see more women take off those white coats and undulate around some more - so I turned it off.