Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quote of the day, 6/7/07

If there’s one thing I hate (out of the many things I hate), it’s representations of “safe” cuddly non-sexual lesbians.

--on edit! not this Aphra Behn, but a different Aphra Behn (you can never have too many Aphra Behns really) commenting over at Strange Fire


Aphra Behn said...

That's a different Aphra, though not surprisingly, we appear to hold similar opinions.

Thanks for the link though!

Aphra Behn.

belledame222 said...

o damn! i didn't realize...heh.

Octogalore said...

I agree. It's one reason I like The L Word. There are certainly many legit critiques of it (like that it's too Hollywood-ized, but then most TV is), but depicting lesbians as non-sexual isn't one of them.