Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world

Turkish troops may or may not have spilled across the northern Iraqi border in pursuit of Kurdish rebels, which is the sort of thing they've done before but not so much with a full scale shitstorm happening in Iraq at the same time.

Another day, another suicide attack. Hey, wouldn't you like to live in a city like this? Aren't you glad they're fighting it over there so it won't happen over here?

A giant-ass cyclone hit Oman,
the strongest to ever hit the Arabian peninsula since records started, and oops, oil production might be affected.

We're not letting any Gee Ate tell us what to do, climate be damned

Some other people feel the same way about the G8, but for different reasons

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baby221 said...

I love that. Yes, you totally need those huge tower shields to defend yourself against an army of students with an inflatable pool lounger thing!