Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lily speaks for me.

This one goes out to Virginia Foxx, (please write your Congresscritter and ask for censure);

Miss California aka Won't Someone Please Think Of The Tiaras Children;

and of course the poor, besieged, soggy NOMmers


while we're at it, let's throw in the drool-n-bile-soaked crypto-fascist talk show hosts who're using the swine flu as yet another excuse to whip up foaming anti-immigrant hatred. Oink, baby.

"Please, don't stay in touch."

Pee. ess.

"For the first time in a nationwide survey, more Americans say they support gay marriage (49%) than oppose it (46%), according to the latest Washington Post/ABC poll.

That 49% supporting gay marriage, in fact, is a significant jump from 2004, when the Post/ABC poll found just 32% in favor.


Anonymous said...

If only they couldn't do any harm, it would be worth keeping them around just so we can laugh at them.

Oh yeah, and Lily Allen rocks!

Alon Levy said...

In New York there's already a majority for gay marriage. It's just that the Governor is less popular than Bush, and the State Senate is filled with conservative Democrats who've raised obstructionism to an art form.

ginmar said...

Foxx's mailboxes were full when I called, two days ago. The RNCC was very impatient with me. I had to use the soldier card to get them to stop interrupting me.

Anonymous said...

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