Thursday, April 30, 2009

Solid Democratic majority in Senate fulfills socialists' wildest dreams. Oh, wait.

How odd. Somehow, the banks still won. Handily. Sorry, former homeowners who're now shit out of house, home and luck; you know, if it weren't for the liberal fascists, you wouldn't be in this mess.

By the way, if you haven't been reading David Neiwert and Sara Robinson's comprehensive (and sobering) analysis of the increasingly dangerous rhetoric/atmosphere coming out of the right wing, you really should. (See recent entries as well as series listed in the sidebar).


Eye-rate said...

Have a look and please make suggestions on how I can get rid of dead spaces

Nick said...

Just a few thoughts on the implicit defense of FDR in the post:

There are intelligent people who compare FDR's policies to other more authoritarian/bloody corporatist states of the era. They also argue that his spending/policies turned a recession into a full blown depression. I am no scholar of the dispute, but it's not something entirely dreamed up by Rush Limbaugh loonies. The link below comes from a more conservative source than the last one. It still has a decent quote though.

"'I don't mind telling you in confidence,' FDR remarked to a White House correspondent, 'that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman'"

(Commenting on Mussolini)

What Glenn Beck is referring to is collaborationist. The industrialists collectively become part of the power structure and you impose regimentation -- with input from compliant business leaders. It was true of the NRA in the United States -- basically government adminstered cartels. The industry codes devised by the cartelized businesses were often highly restrictive e.g. down to how many costumes you could use in a play. Incidentally, it was struck down by the Supreme Court. I don't view that as a regressive development at all.

Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck may invoke this revisionist history for partisan purposes, but there are honorable believers too e.g. Roderick Long

From the looks of it: Glenn Beck is trying to claim that businessmen are always at odds with government -- not true at all.

A very good quote summing up Ford like alliances is below:

"No, the kinship of this burgeoning collectivism was not at all with socialism-communism but with fascism, or socialism-of-the-right, a kinship which many big businessmen of the twenties expressed openly in their yearning for abandonment of a quasi-laissez-faire system for a collectivism which they could control…. Both left and right have been persistently misled by the notion that intervention by the government is ipso facto leftish and antibusiness."

Nick said...

Oh darn: I just couldn't resist filling your comment space one more time ( :

That is some scary paranoia on the right wing blog posts -- racial-religious stuff scares me the most. Nonetheless, as a principled civil libertarian: I am more than a bit skeptical of DHS claims. The MO authorities listed opposing the military draft and abolishing the Federal Reserve as beliefs of "terrorists" or "extremeists". I'd plead guilty to the latter charge -- although not in the wild eyed irrational bomber sense that people associate it with. My biggest fear relates to a violent theocratic populism.