Wednesday, April 01, 2009

While we're on a literary note:

An lj comm for a reading challenge: 50 books by writers of color in a year (or pick your time frame).

I have a lot of books I need/want to -finish-, I suppose that would count. my attention span's shot to hell in general wrt finishing books lately, I've noticed (I Blame The Internets). Among them:

"Women, Race and Class" by Angela Davis

"Time On Two Crosses" by Bayard Rustin

and on the SF tip, I've been meaning to give Octavia Butler another go, maybe Kindred, maybe something else.

I want Toni Morrison's essay collection "What Moves at the Margin;" I liked "Playing in the Dark" a lot. ( "Writing Without Whining" is something I could probably learn more about: )

and I think I must be the last person who hasn't read "The God of Small Things," so, one of these days.

In other news: the Klassik Arthers are better enjoyed if we don't have to know they had Teh Homosexshul. It's True You Know.


Anonymous said...

THere is a sibling community to that one, called some iteration of 12films_POC. Should be linked in the userinfo of 50books_POC.

I can't wait till thesis is done, although I'm slowly collecting my books. Very slowly, cuz my bookstore doesn't naturally carry a lot of history books about Canada written by people who aren't White Men. I'm actually really surprised - the rest of the history section is pretty good.

Sarah J said...

Oooh, I need to do this. Also, read The God Of Small Things, NOW. It will make your life better.

Since the book I just picked back up is by a person of color, and the next one on my list is bell hooks, I think I'll take this challenge :)

matttbastard said...

I'll be lucky to read 50 books this year--period. Wevs--I'm in. Already have one under my belt (what? Dreams from My Father counts. :P )

belledame222 said...

Yeah, I have noticed that whereas once upon a time I could read two or three times that in year easily (well, if you include rereads, sure), these days? The funny little square things with the unclickable print, I'm not so good at completing them, I notice. I Blame The Inter--oo, look, shiny thing. -goes off-

belledame222 said...

I mean, busy too, yes, but I can read -fast-. I mean, I -could-, once...