Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A trans woman totally stole my uterus in a womens' bathroom.

-deer in headlights stare- ...I got better.

(burn 'er anyway!)

...srsly, stupid people. how frigging hard is it for "progressives" and "feminists" to just agree "yes, if Focus On The Family is for it, we should probably be agin' it?" Especially if it's scaremongering over minorities? dear supposed feminists: you do remember that OH NOEZ EV0L MAN-HATING HAIRY LEGGED PREDATORY LESBEANS WANT UNISEX BATHROOMS was used to help torpedo the Equal Rights Amendment? And that the current iteration of "oh noez scary tranz, tiem for BATHROOM PANICS NAOW" is being brought to you by -exactly the same people?- Who, once again, supposedly only have womens' best interest at heart, yes. Hint: Phyllis Schlafly, despite her presumably still intact female bona fides, is -not- a friend.

Oh, yes, meanwhile, Vermont finally overturned their stupid governor's ruling and made same sex marriage legal, joining Iowa and...well, not California on account of The People Has Spoken, but well never mind. According to people who've been fighting over this for a long time, this latest ruling may well help fuel the momentum to either finally mean a whole lot of longtime together couples don't have to worry about being separated by deportation or denied hospital visitation rights and custodial rights and suchlike; or, the Forces Of Darkness are about to "impose same sex marriage on all fifty states." So, yay on -that.- Maybe in a few years, we'll actually take it for granted that yes, your gonads and/or birth-assigned gender/sex shouldn't be a detriment to marrying the person you love and want to spend your life with.

I wonder how many years it'll take for us to also take it for granted that yes, your gonads and/or birth-assigned gender/sex shouldn't be a detriment to being able to take a crap in peace in a public building.

ETA: Hello.


Ruth Moss said...

See, I knew the ladies' bogs were a sekrit uterus harvesting factory!!!

GallingGalla said...

well, y'no, my vagina has sabre-teeth. and sticks out. kind of like the Alien's retractable inner mouth-thingy. all the better to chop out uteri with.

belledame222 said...

hey!! that's MY Sabre-Toothed Vagina! (TM) THIEF!!!

Kristen said...

Holy shit...and all this time I thought trans women needed to pee. That's me...always projecting my experience onto others...if I use the bathroom to pee, then I expect others to use the bathroom for a similar reason...Bad Kristen

meeeean queen emily said...

You have to get out here. A trans woman is peeing.

belledame222 said...

am now having auditory snatches (ooh err missus) of attempted song on this to the tune of "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper"

"I Lost My Uterus To..."

doesn't scan though dammit

little light said...

We actually don't pee, Kristen--common misconception. We actually just store it up in our bodies and exude a cloud of poisonous oppression from our spiracles.

voz said...

Try this, Belle:

"I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper"
"I Lost My Womb to a Transchyck Pooper"

Hit it, sweety.

U owe me for leching on Alex Blaze on ma LJ, and this is ur penance. :D

Do a good job, and my rl partner will make a YouTube video of her doing this. Yes she is a rl musician.

belledame222 said...

Say, that does scan. Rhymes too. Okay, I used to be able to do lyrics. Lemme go percolate.

and, yah, well, you know, "leching" in a "damn, what a sad but lulzy dickhead this person whom I still barely register who he is (and that's fine too)" sort of way...

he probably has "bumpernuts" on the "big ol' rig."

voz said...


now u owe me a liter of Fresh Scent brain bleach too!

as a favor, can u make it the Ultra, yanno the one with the rainbow and trees and grass on the label?

(ohs, I am counter teasing in a similar way. jus so u kno)

This video could be a new standard in collaboration between cis lesbians and trans women, so to task, mujer!

Alon Levy said...

Note to self: do not ever click the links again.

And blog comments can be more irrational than any other form of conversation other than a message board.

Lucy said...

Someone totally needs to do a LOL-something of this:

We're In Ur Bathroomz. Stealin Ur Uterusez.

Mandos said...

"yes, if Focus On The Family is for it, we should probably be agin' it?"

Unless you're Violet Socks, who believes that abortion is a detail to be overlooked in finding True Female Solidarity.

Westerly said...

Hateful, insecure, addled by transphobia and above all, well and truly *thick*. No wonder they are a dying movement.

Anonymous said...


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