Friday, October 06, 2006

Five from feminism

...via Feministe
(thanks, zuzu)

1) Unlike my mother, I was not subjected to "When your baby's crying, it won't matter whether you got A's or B's."

2) I can at least openly talk about and express my erotic attraction to women (yes, thank Gay Rights for this too, but to me they are inextricably interconnected)

3) Voting is a good thing too, yes, much as too many of us (wimmin and otherwise) -and- our supposed representatives have been taking that right far too much for granted lately.

4) I don't have to wear layers and layers of cumbersome, heavy, floor-length skirts, no matter what the weather.

5) Although I don't personally make use of it, I know that birth control is readily available to me. (and I keep in mind that that is something to not take for granted even, especially now).

I tag:

Bitch Lab (ooh, you just love me for this), Jean of You Are Here, antiprincess of I Shame the Matriarchy, Aishwarya of Kaleidoglide, Nappy As I Want To Be, petitpoussin, dykotomy, The Angry Black Woman, Winter of Desperate Kingdoms, Badgerbag, Jack at Angry Brown Butch, prospheros, Dan at Otter Ponderings, Whitters at Polyester Bride, zwrk at Placeholder, scenius of Sexual Ambiguities, Red Frique of Getting My Frique On, Sarah at Diary of Barbie's Worst Enemy, White Bear of Is There No Sin In It? the fine folks at Stroppyblog, zan of Butterfly Cauldron, evil fizz, the women of Medusa Coils,, Midwestern Transport, Rab of Brown Rab Girl Fish, EL of My Amusement Park, Damion of Queering the Apparatus, Noli Irritare Leones and Lady Aster.

...and anyone else I've missed and/or who has a mind to.

i am: decisively indecisive this morning.


Zan said...

Done and done. Because I love memes. *sob* It's my secret shame and no one ever tags me :)

Blackamazon said...

I am untagged

* Scarlett oHarra weep and faint*

How ya been?

belledame222 said...

o shit! consider yourself tagged. if you want to, that is. i may've figured you weren't in the vein to talk about feminism per se; but actually maybe that's a -good- reason to do this meme...

I'm good, thanks. well, you know.

"Bombs are flying
people are dying
The whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?

-I'm SUPERRRRRRRR, thanks for askinnnnnnng..."

Alon Levy said...

Hey... now I'm offended that you didn't pick up on it when I wrote about it.

Unsane said...

when the baby cries huh? I have a ghanain who is trying to bribe me to sponsor him to the US by offering to make me into a grandmother.

Aishwarya said...

I'm tagged! It'll be up within the next day or so :)

Winter said...

Okey dokey.

Dan L-K said...

As you wish.

(Sorry I haven't been paying attention; most of my timewasting's been on ye NaNoWriMo forums these days.)

belledame222 said...


How's Nano going? Is it too late to join in? I always miss everything. Yom Kippur, Ramadan, and now NanoWriMo.

prosphoros said...

Tagged and done.

Dan L-K said...

Not too late at all; you can still sign on all the way to the end of November, if you're feeling particularly masochistic. But the writing itself doesn't commence until November 1st. I just like to get started on the cat-vacuuming early.

damion said...


Medusa said...

Late I know, but this was our first tag so it took a little while. Thanks!