Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A refresher, for those in need of refreshment.

Feeling a little, shall we say, burnt out by life on the Internets? Feeling used, misused, and abused? In need of a break? A little love? A little, perchance, tension relieving giggle? Of course you are.

Well, first of all, if you must engage in these taxing flamewars, at least arm yourself first. Forewarned is forearmed: here find the ever-trust field guide to flame warriors. Know thine enemy. Unless of course it looks like s/he's staring back out at you from over your bathroom sink. Pay no attention if that happens; it means nozzing. I'm OK, You're (sort of) OK, that dude over there is fucked up. To the barricades, comrades! Kill! KILL!

Once you're back in the hospital nursing your freshest battery of wounds, you probably won't want to do anything much more taxing than look at videos. Possibly even ones you've seen before; anyway I for one find repetition strangely soothing when I'm in a funk. anyway, pretty sure I already linked the video of Weird Al Yankovic's "Angry White Boy Polka" at least once. Today however i discovered that there is another version. This one mostly just splices and dices the original Angry White Boy videos being polka-ized. The cartoon one is funnier. But if you, like me, had not actually seen most or any of the actual videos, on account of I grow old I grow old and get those goddam kids offa my lawn, then you may, like me, find that watching the original and then the cartoon makes it that much funnier.

and if you, like white and nerdy me, just can't get enough of Al playing polka, here he is doing Klassik Rawk, and contemporary top o' the pops, live.

Finally, a 'Net oldie but goodie. Seems some people are feeling, well, kind of upset; they are just souls whose intentions are good, lord, please don't let them be misunderstood. Well, rest assured, white liberal enlightened well-meaning people, yes, you are indeed beloved.

Aww. See? Isn't that sweet? Now, tell me: don't you feel better already? Just a little bit?

That's the spirit!


JackGoff said...


ChasingMoksha said...

I tell you there are motherfuckers that just want to make me HOLLER!!!!

That Marc guy really needs to learn what authorial consent means. Still he is beating the wall, "NOT UNTIL I SAY SOMETHING IS RACIST, IS IT RACIST!" Good God! Can someone really not see where their position is in life. Is it that difficult? I think in the medical community they call it the "God Complex."

belledame222 said...

Well y'see I think this is what happens when someone is so wrapped up in I MUST BE A GOOD PERSON GODDAMIT that they don't, like, -see- the -other person.-

i mean i guess that's one way of looking at it/possibility, y'know...

but yeah. as you can see from the posts below, there are a number of umm behaviors 'round these parts that, well, ...

all's i can say is: you know that book, "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus?"

i just figure: o, right, that wasn't a stupid gender stereotype book at all; actually what that REALLY SECRETLY was trying to tell us was, "THERE ARE MARTIANS AND VENUSIANS AMONG YOU. "

they -act- as though they are exchanging Earthspeak with you, but in fact, no!

Anonymous said...

Belledame, this post (along with Amanda's 'rule of thumb' that BL posted over at BFP and PunkassBlog) just made my day.

Love it! Love it! Love it!


EL said...

I'd forgotten about that website. Well-timed.