Sunday, December 24, 2006

A little Christmas charity

Since writing this post some days ago about Spinning Liz, aka the former grannyvibe, I have come to rethink my position on health insurance rather dramatically. Well, no, specifically since reading John Derbyshire on the subject. As noted by the fine J. Swift, he did say, did Derbyshire,

"Quality health care for all is not possible."

Nor, I now realize, should it be. Particularly for "male homosexuals" or illegal immigrants. (especially since Mr. Derbyshire, once technically illegal in this great country himself, no longer numbers himself among them).

So it is with some bewilderment and disappointment that I read, again via the fine Mr. Swift, that Mr. Derbyshire would appear to be changing his tune somewhat:

My health insurer has just notified me, in a brief form letter, that my monthly premiums are to rise from $472.33 to $857.00 on January 1st. That's an increase of 81 percent. ***E*I*G*H*T*Y*-*O*N*E* *P*E*R*C*E*N*T*** Can they do that? I called them. They sound pretty confident they can. Ye gods!

...Anyone who says right now that our entire health-care financing system is nuts to the fourth power, won't be getting any argument from me.

But, Mr. Swift figures that the man is suffering horribly from sticker shock and thus deserves our compassion. Even, dare we say, perhaps, some charity?

Personally, I'm afraid I can't spare any funds for Mr. Derbyshire this season, as I need to spend them all on, well, Me. but, I have some leftover big wheels of cheese. I could send them his way (postage due), if he doesn't think the cholesterol might raise his premiums further. I suppose he could always just look at them; they send the message,

Dear John, even though you may be feeling down and out and possibly dying with no way to pay for the treatment one fine day, here is a reminder that you are still a Big Wheel.

and that will make him feel better about his status as an Alpha Critter; and really, what else matters?


Quinn said...

Isn't Mr. Swift a treat? And to think, usually I don't go in for those conservatives.

R. Mildred said...

He probably just had to take one of his victims to hospital after they left teeth marks on him.

poor poor pedophile that he is.

greymatters said...

This post made my Xmas morning. Schadenfreude, anyone?

beylita said...

I'd like to help Derb out but I can't afford it right now since I have no real discretionary income. so I sent him an IOU for one nickel.

Spc. Freeman said...

Forget the "children starving in Africa" bit. When I have kids, I'm going to tell them of all the affluent white male conservatives in this country who'll go hungry should they choose to forgo that helping of my mother's Shepherd's Pie.

Those images of British political commentators,in their peacoats outside a well-appointed Manhattan brownstone, oughta make them think twice.

belledame222 said...

hey, spc! was just thinking about you, funnily enough. how goes it?

KH said...

This guy is a perfect example of how the people who control established (‘legitimate’) conservative political journalism have it in their power to elevate avowed racists – this guy is an old-fashioned, dogmatic racist Social Darwinist – into legitimate figures in the mainstream US right. Given his published views before National Review adopted him, it’s a scandal that we even know who he is, or distinguish him from William Shockley, Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, etc. I suspect that his racism was the reason they brought him to prominence. Merry X.

KH said...

Mildred, In fairness, I'm sure he'd insist he's strictly about ephebophila, which he insists has been scientifically shown to be OK. And, of course, at least they're not boys.