Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tag, I are It, Again

sez sunrunner. So, okay!

This is the meme:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog
4. Name of the book and the author
5. Tag three people

So, the book nearest me...uh, I guess this one. Harold Bloom, "Shakespeare, the invention of the human." great, another one i haven't read at all. okay: o, p. 123 starts with quotage from "Love's Labor Lost:"

The anointed sovereign of sighs and groans
Liege of all loiterers and malcontents
Dread prince of plackets, king of codpieces...

...dude. Is he talking about who I think he's talking about? "king of codpieces!"

chills! down the spine!

anyway. I tag, uh, alphabitch, bimbo, and Quinn the Brain.


Eli said...

...dude. Is he talking about who I think he's talking about? "king of codpieces!"

"Liege of all loiterers and malcontents"? Yeah, I'd bloody well say so.

JackGoff said...

The wightly wanton with a velvet brow?

Oh, wait....


PS, what the FUCK is blogger's problem tonight with the word verification? This is my fourth time and I swear I at least got one of the preceding attempts right. I'M NOT EVEN DRUNK, GODDAMMIT!

kactus said...

I want to start a blog called King of Codpieces. It could be an uber-butch thing, ya know?

Bimbo said...

A book meme... like a narcotics-laced pacifier for the chronically malcontent. Thanks, Belle, I enjoyed it.

midwesterntransport said...

I did this. IT was a book of Theresa Rebeck plays.

Jen: It was just a kiss! I felt sorry for him!
Jessica: Don't you think that misled him?
Jen: I don't know! Maybe, but I didn't mean -- look, I told him a million times --

belledame222 said...

GAAAHHHHHH Rebech the nebech

prosphoros said...

I'll play here, if you don't mind:

When at last the man who kept the key had been discovered, he turned out to be immensely old and feeble. With him was a big, awkward girl who seemed to be his daughter or granddaughter. Her dress looked very grimy in contrast with the new snow amid which she was standing.

The Tale of Genji
Lady Murasaki
(trans Arthur Waley)

sunrunner said...

The oracle has spoken!

Jayzus! I can't get through the secret blogger code. This one looks like herbalax.

alphabitch said...

aw shit. I'm at my office. The nearest book is only 92 pages long (O'Reilly's HTML Pocket Reference, if you must know). If I walk across the room (OK, roll my chair back four feet) I can reach the bookshelf but all the books on it are either reference books or policy & procedure manuals. Do I have to use one of these or can I go home if I promise to pick up the first book I see when I walk in the door? I'll go in the back door so that the first thing I see isn't the whole huge wall of books which would make it real easy just to pick out the coolest book I could find to impress youall.

belledame222 said...


(tap tap tap tap tap)

okay then.

Alon Levy said...

I had to read this while writing a math post...

It is clear from either formula for the continuation of \zeta that the pole at s = 1 is simple. To evaluate the residue, let s \in R (s > 1). Then \sum_{v=2}^{\infty}v^(-s) <= \int_{1}{\infty}x^(-s)dx <= \sum_{v=1}^{\infty}v^(-s).

Alon Levy said...

Errata: proper LaTeX would be \int_{1}^{\infty} (actually, proper LaTeX would be v^{-s} and x^{-s}, but I'd rather have ASCIIfied math whenever possible).

kh said...

In order to produce this ethical explosion, two recognition plots (each complex enough in its own right) have to collide: the personal recognition plot in which Gwendolen Harleth eventually discovers that the English gentleman she has married is a monster, & Daniel Deronda's endlessly ramifying recognition of an ethnic & historical identity.