Thursday, December 14, 2006


watching NY1; brief blurb on the passing of the NJ gay civil unions bill (huzzah). quick, lovely shot of a young man on the court steps not just kissing his beloved but swinging and dipping him over, foot extended, a la sailors returning from the War.


Quinn said...

Awesome! Have you dropped by Andy (first link off my blog), who works in LGBT legal rights, and has much to say on the sitch?

belledame222 said...

not yet! thanks

Mandos said...

This time Twisty took your name in vain on her blog:

Towards the end, where a certain other person engages antiprincess in a belated flame war.

belledame222 said...

too late, i already saw it. and commented on it at antip's.

so, you'll have to go THERE to read it.

so, nyah.


Tom Nolan said...

Actually, the funniest thing about that thread is Mandos's own presence on it. I see him as a little germ of doubt surrounded by about a million anti-patriarchal white blood-cells. Every now and again one of them looks darkly at him and says, "What did you just say?" and he answers, in tones of guilless bewilderment, "Oh, nothing, just agreeing with you guys, is all". How does he manage it? Has he been tampering with their DNA or something?

belledame222 said...

(biting tongue hard to keep from saying anything along the lines of "master baiter")


belledame222 said...

i kind of liked the image of Twisty as a pubic hair caught in my throat, myself.

d'you think i could sue? i feel harassed by her words, for true.

word verification: zkfux.

clearly a Sign.

Mandos said...

That you're going to meet someone named Z. K.?

belledame222 said...

Zalman King???

but, he's soft-core, so i can't engage in any patriarchy-sucking, pubic-hair adorned or otherwise.


Tom Nolan said...

Right, nobody's reading this thread anymore, so I can congratulate you on getting a contemptuous but kudos-enhancing name check from your worst internet enemy. I would consider it quite a triumph. You are, apparently, so very annoying that TF's normally Olympian, Mount Rushmore-like visage couldn't help a momentary spasm of displeasure. Respect.

p.s. Bride of Chucky once called me an asshole. I was so proud.