Wednesday, May 02, 2007

best. newspaper. EVAR.

The Weekly World News, of course. via Eli:

The late Richard Relleck, a skeptic famed for debunking ghost sightings, apologized today for personally haunting the Relleck country estate.

“I wish I could just disappear,” said the specter of the humiliated investigator, “but the best I can do is become sort of lamely translucent.”

Mr. Relleck had tried for weeks to debunk himself, dismissing his ghostly form as variations in air pressure, reflections of car headlights, or smudges of dirt on the lenses of cameras.

“I guess I’m authentic,” Relleck said. The skeptic’s estate has refused to offer a refund for his book Ghosts Are Unreal!

during the godawful time right after 9/11, the WWN was the only paper from tabloid to Serious that gave me a much needed smile with a headline:


“I asked for extra mayo, and got THIS instead” area local says


petitpoussin said...

Yes! The WWN is amazing. My favorite article ever was about a bunch of angry elves pissed at Santa for outsourcing the toy-making labor to Honduras. Now that's satire.

Joseph Kugelmass said...

It reminds me of a real woman who thought she was a ghost; the following is true.

"Do ghosts bleed?" the doctor asked.

"No," she said. The doctor pricked her.

"Oh," she said, noticing. "I guess ghosts do bleed."

belledame222 said...

and they needed the eggs.

(hey, JK, good to see you...)

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

I know. Their brand of fun is so innocent and silly/clever that sometimes I get a little weepy at the grocery-store checkout because it's so unusual to see something in that format that isn't mean.