Friday, May 11, 2007

o how i adore the BOR

for the rich lode of schadenfreudische indadvertently-comic black gold he regularly taps into. Here, he is momentarily tripped up by the fiendish subtlety of Wesley Clark, but, quick on his feet as ever, pulls a brilliant save.

O'Reilly groused that Soros compared the Bush administration to the Nazis, and when Clark said he couldn't defend everything Soros says, O'Reilly, starting to get ugly, said he can't defend ANYthing Soros says (he's pure evil, remember - can't let the foot in the door that he may have some good qualities). Clark immediately answered that he could and proceeded to itemize.

O'Reilly, squinting, said he's going to have "my guys" FedEx Clark a package of who this guy really is. Clark said "That's character assassination", and O'Reilly, wide-eyed now, replied "You bet it is!" Realizing what he just said, he started shouting, "No! It's facts!"

"No! No I am not thee Brain. Specialist! No! no I am Not!... --Yes!! Yes I am!..."

and meanwhile, once again reminded of my deep and abiding love for Olbermann: one of many "best-ofs."

"99 times out of 100, when we belly up to the BillO Bar of Bluster, nearly every time we partake of the movable falafel feast, he serves us nothing but comedy: farce, slapstick, unconscious self-mutilation--the Sideshow Bob of commentators, forever stepping on the same rake, forever muttering the same grunt of inarticulate surrender, forever resuming the circle that will take him back to the same rake: the Sisyphus of morons, if you will..."

and, o, what the hell, as long as I'm on YouTube, another immortal classic: Colbert on O'Reilly, -at- O'Reilly's...and -still- being O'Reilly.

"Bill, this is an honor...I spend so much time in the world that is spinning all the time, that to be in the No Spin Zone? gives me vertigo."


bint alshamsa said...

Oh damn, that was was insane! O'Really is just fucking evil.

belledame222 said...

yeah, but: funny! that blink that he did as he realized what he'd said? pure Warner Brothers.

Anonymous said...
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UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

Stephen Colbert is so damn funny. I love that man.