Saturday, May 12, 2007

"...could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

O'Rly? and child-actor-turned-fire-and-brimstone-preacher Kirk Cameron, together at last! It just doesn't get any better than this.

You know. I'm I guess a mystical agnostic-cum-sort-of-pantheist with pagan sympathies. I got no problem with believers. I got no problem with atheists.

and I figure, whatever Deity there is/are, if indeed there is a Transcendent One, presumably the assholes would be, too, part of Hir creation.

but. if Sie has to depend on the likes of Kirk Cameron to prove Hir existence?

Well, that would be...depressing.

Like, "makes Sartre and Beckett come off like Up With People!" depressing.

"There IS no Crocoduck!"

too bad he doesn't know I've got one living in my bathtub.

Oh yea, Kirk's got his own website, I know I've pointed (and laughed) at it before.
"The Way of the Master." Verah Klassah.

as is (I -know- i've talked about this before) "The Atheist's Nightmare," to wit, some silly lookin' Scottish dude being very solemn and not at all OO ER MISSUS with a banana.


Anonymous said...

I do wish people debating the existence of God (whether as theists or atheists) would bother to read up on the history of the debate before mouthing off as if they know everything!

But then, I'm beginning to get the impression that people on O'Reilly's show aren't there for their intellectual rigour?

Iamcuriousblue said...

Wow – so all you have to do to demonstrate the non-existence of God is demonstrate that Creationism is utter bullshit? It sounds like they've conceded Dawkins' point.

Phlegmatic said...

Pfeh, I get tired of this argument after a while anyway. If Im wrong, I go to hell gladly knowing that its better than worship something simply because of the threat of punishment (like the woman who made the point about worshipping a megalomaniac. If a god/dess was so worthy of being worshipped, there would be no need for the threats of punishment. The banana vid’s quote from Einstein made that abundantly clear). And if Im right, it doesnt make any difference anyway, whether you believe in god or not, there is no belief or consciousness when there is only an eternity of nothingness after death.

However, I love it how its “rational” to see the “design” behind the world and everything in it, and irrational to suggest there is no “design” behind it. Even though one is my belief, I think neither are rational, and that’s why they are based on belief. In this case its simply two people arriving at different points, trying to disprove the others position.

Or perhaps I should say much more than two points, because like I said, I am not at one of those two points, yet I consider myself an atheist. Still, my reasoning is that it doesn’t matter if people try to prove me wrong, because my beliefs say that when they die, they wont even know they were wrong. “They” will not exist anymore.

Perhaps to some that’s “bleak” or “heavy”, or even irrational, but no more irrational than the idea of spending eternity with some deity who is human, and is of a certain gender or race, and only cares for those who spent their lives kissing arse for creating them. Or whatever the fuck else people can think of.

And for any religious people, I have one question: wot abowt teh dynosorz?1!one!

(In other words, explain how religions that want to worship our "designer", make such massive contradictions? Or is it possible that none of those religions represent our "desinger" because it doesnt want to represented, and that questioning our "desingers" existence is a waste of time anyway? - Thats about as much Agnosticism as youll ever squeeze out of me!)

Mat said...

You know, it just suddenly occurred to me that the banana thing is sort of the same as the von Daaniken bullshit.

They don't say that, say, apples or pears or wheat or carrots are obviously made directly by God. After all, they're domesticated. WE did that, right? But bananas, you seen the people they grow near? They're all dark and they don't wear clothes. Duh, of course it's God. You think those people could know how to domesticate a plant?

(Little bit like of COURSE people built Notre Dame, but aliens had to build both sets of pyramids, Egyptian and Central American. Serious undertone of racism.)

petitpoussin said...

Kirk Cameron, why must you go on Crap News and talk about this, thus reminding me of your painful role in bringing Growing Pains to an end?! Why must you attempt to extend your Ridiculosity beyond sitcom-plot tyranny?

Watch out atheists... he used to be one of us... he knows how we think... the call could be coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Rootietoot said...

Everyone needs to rationalize their own view...I do it all the time. It makes us feel Important. and gives our opinion credibility. We all want that. Of course, we all have the right to laugh at people who's views are flawed, as well. That's the beauty of it.

I believe because I want to. It's as simple as that. If someone wants to laugh at me for that, ok. It doesn't change my belief.

belledame222 said...

I still remember when he was plastered all over my little friends' walls, in poster form. he hasn't aged well. he looks sort of like a smug carp.

belledame222 said...

RT, we're not laughing at KC because he's a believer, we're laughing at him because he's an assclown as well as a proseletyzing jerk. at least, -I- am.