Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one of those rainy evenings

best to stay in

see what's on the tellyvision

...hopefully without becoming a tube zombie


kactus said...

You have such a handsome cat. I've always admired those tuxedo patterns. Alas, I seem doomed to ginger-colored cats, so boring.

belledame222 said...

aw, no, I love orange kitties.

but yes, thank you, he is very pretty, isn't he?

Eli said...

I have a soft spot for torties - two of my favorite cats ever were both torties. But Wee Beastie is adorable.

annalouise said...

your wee beastie looks just like my miss prissy-pants, right down to that instense look on its face.

belledame222 said...

miss prissy-pants! hee.

--welcome, annalouise.

petitpoussin said...


belledame222 said...

just a little around the edges.

Phlegmatic said...

Coo! Coo!

He does look like a very amiable sort. Especially compared to our cat.

That counts doubly so when she decides that she wants to latch on to the back of your lower leg as youre walking up the stairs.

Not when your wearing trousers though. No, no, that just wouldnt do at all, she has to do it when your legs are bare and skin is visible.

I do love the picture where he's sitting on the tv though. He really looks like hes got everything covered.