Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday git-your-groove-on

Plains Feminist got me thinking hip-hop-wise, so: here're a few I like.

"Your Revolution," Sarah Jones (not a video, not sure the Dove ad still someone put up there really captures it, but oh well)

Blackstar, "Respiration"

Missy Elliott, "Pass That Dutch"

MC Paul Barman

Princess Superstar, "Bad Babysitter"


Sassywho said...

6/hour? I didn't make that kind of dough babysitting, wtf?

belledame222 said...

inflation, baybee

miso said...

the original dove video is really good. yay!

i've never seen the "pass that dutch' video. Sweet!

Dannidoodle said...

Hey there - i'm the one that posted the Sarah Jones tune on youtube... just wanted to say that I used the Dove picture because the campaign revolved around using 'real' women rather than skinny, airbrushed models. Sort of added it as an afterthought.

Hope you have a great day!