Friday, November 17, 2006

"Erotoxins," or: Pr0n: It's even more sinister than you think.

Goff on Jensen, via Anthony:

...It is, in this context, sexually as well as economically exploitative of women, and it serves as a special kind of hate speech against women, that is reinforced biochemically by men’s masturbatory orgasms.

"Reinforced biochemically by men's masturbatory orgasms?"
Say wha?

and then I thought:

Oh. Does he mean "erotoxins?" Wasn't that what Judith Reisman was ranting about? I remember that from last time I was looking her up:

"But then a woman named Judith Reisman, who represents something called the California Protective Parents Association, proposed a groundbreaking solution. She told the committee that the stuff on the Internet wasn't speech at all. Instead, she argued, it was a drug. "Erotoxins," she called them...."

--from American Prospect

Right, okay. Erotoxins.

The new word in question is erototoxins – clearly a combination of two existing words. Erotic comes from a Greek source word and relates to sexual arousal. Toxin meaning “poisonous” or “venomous” comes from a Latin source that originally meant “the poison smeared on arrows”. This new word erotoxins has been coined by researcher Judith Reisman, and she says that erotoxins are (quote) “addictive psychoactive neurochemicals formed in the brain upon seeing pornography” – thus allegedly showing a link between pornography and such negative phenomena as serial murder, rape, child molestation, and erectile dysfunction. Other researchers deny any scientific basis for these claims. But it does give us a new warning, doesn’t it? Instead of “Stop it or you’ll go blind” you can say, “Stop it or you’ll fill you system with erotoxins!”

--ABC NewsRadio

Well, that's really snarky, though. What about in her own words?

"[P]ornography triggers myriad kinds of internal, natural drugs that mimic the 'high' from a street drug. Addiction to pornography is addiction to what I dub erotoxins."

"[P]ornographic visual images imprint and alter the brain, triggering an instant, involuntary, but lasting, biochemical memory trail, arguably subverting the First Amendment by overriding the cognitive speech process."

--via Alternet.

Okay, so, that sounds a bit nutty. But I mean, she is on our side, right? I mean, she's a feminist, right? Or, okay, at least: she's concerned about the harmful effects of porn; she's apparently concerned about women; how bad can she be?

In her writings and lectures, Reisman conjures a dark world in which Playboy magazine insidiously pushes kiddie-porn, where homosexuals crusade for the hearts and behinds of America's youth and "erotoxins" as powerful as crack cocaine fill the somatasensory cortexes of porn watchers.

From Reisman's writings and lectures, one could get the impression that this world is entirely the creation of Kinsey, the Master of Perverts.

While Reisman's ideas have naturally endeared her to a Who's Who of ornery theocrats and survivalist militia types, in recent years she has found herself kibitzing with the likes of GOP senators and Bush administration officials.

Though the "Dr." that precedes her name on her book and her web site is practically cosmetic, earned with a degree in communications, this November she provided expert testimony on Capitol Hill for Republican Sen. Sam Brownback on the scientific perils of pornography.

There, she also lobbied for the reintroduction of a bill that would mandate an investigation into her claim that Kinsey sexually abused children during his research. Through friends in the Justice Department, Reisman has helped push for an increased focus on prosecuting porn.

And she is a favorite speaker at conferences of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, a federally funded non-profit which provides technical assistance to controversial abstinence-only programs in public schools.

As Reisman gathers influence in Republican-dominated Washington, her work is bearing an increasingly apparent mark on the Christian right's political agenda and by extension, on the White House's social policy.

"As president and founder of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, Judith Reisman has affected my life personally through the enormous amount of scientific research she's done – and without Judith's impact on my life, I don't believe the abstinence community would have been impacted," Abstinence Clearinghouse founder, Leslee Unruh, told me.

The Abstinence Clearinghouse, advised by members of conservative Christian groups like Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America and Coral Ridge Ministries, is funded in part by the Department of Health and Human Services.
As the spearhead of the abstinence-only movement, its primary task is to design and disseminate curricula to public schools which administer abstinence-only courses.
Unruh is a retired businesswoman and anti-abortion activist who says she "has a common sense background" in the sexual health field. Thanks to her friend Reisman, she says, she has come to understand that "Kinsey is very responsible for the destruction of my parents' generation."
"I think Judith Reisman is starting to have an impact with people in the abstinence community because I've pushed to have her at our conferences, and they just love her," said Unruh.

... A recent report by California Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman revealed that Abstinence Clearinghouse-reviewed programs teach teens that, for instance, genital touching can cause pregnancy and that HIV can be transmitted through tears and sweat.
Another Clearinghouse-reviewed textbook informs them, "Women gauge their happiness and judge their success on their relationships.

... Reisman is a longtime consultant to Washington-based lobbying powerhouses like Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association. And she has enlisted her friend Eunice Ray, founder of Restoring Social Virtue and Purity to America (RSVP America) to campaign full time for the reintroduction of HR 2749.
Ray is the founder and director of Camp American, a Christian summer camp where kids can play volleyball, go canoeing and participate in political workshops led by the likes of Gary DeMar, an avowed theocrat who advocates the death penalty for gays, abortion doctors and adulterers.

--American Fanatics

...Oh. But, well, maybe that's a misrepresentation. Maybe we should hear from the horse's mouth herself. Dr. Judith Reisman: her own website.

Articles include:

"STD Vaccinations Aid Global Child Sex Traffic?"

"The Pink Swastika" (The Nazis were all gay, you know; don't be fooled by the revionistsAnd who'd like you to believe that gay people were also herded into the camps and killed in huge numbers).

And, by the way, a link to this guy, whom I've mentioned fondly before: Dr. Henry Makow, aka "Save the Males." --oops, that link doesn't work anymore. Here's Hank, as long as I'm playing "six degrees of separation" already:

At the mall my wife and I passed a 30-foot-high banner suspended from the ceiling. It didn't say "Obey." Rather it displayed a 19-year-old girl wearing nothing but a bikini.

"That makes women feel inadequate and insecure," my wife remarked.

While women cringe, men are supposed to pant and salivate. Thus, both sexes are programmed to seek a shallow and impossible ideal.

*nod* *nod* *nod*

Gentlemen. The measure of a woman is not what she looks like but what she will do for you.

What good is a gorgeous woman if she makes your life hell? After the sex urge has abated, what else can she do? My ex couldn't master anything that wasn't also a natural function.

Men have been brainwashed to think they're evil ogres who must cater to women in exchange for love. That's what women do! Feminism has turned men into women. (I'm exaggerating when I use the term "cater.")

A feminine woman adjusts to the man she loves. She is yin to his yang. Men should seek feminine women in the ranks of pleasant or even plain-looking women. They have skills and personality. They are rational and decent. They don't think they are special and aren't so obsessed with their appearance.

Love makes a woman beautiful. Making love, you're looking at her face, not her body. If she loves you, her face is spectacular.


The 1950's-60's sexual revolution was designed to destroy family and morality by turning heterosexuals into homosexuals...Increasingly this ailment has inflicted heterosexuals too. The (homo) sexual revolution has crippled our ability to bond. Feminism (which is lesbian at heart) has emasculated men and taught women to fear men and usurp their identity.


"Best Picture 'Chicago' Celebrates Jewish Duplicity"


"Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy: Satanic Cult Plans 'Fourth Reich'"

*nod nod backs away slowly*


antiprincess said...

Men have been brainwashed to think they're evil ogres who must cater to women in exchange for love. That's what women do! Feminism has turned men into women.

so women are REALLY the evil ogres who need to cater to men in exchange for love?


and that whole pink swastika thing? bless her heart.

belledame222 said...

yeah, i can't even be cute about that one; that shit's just plain evil.

it is interesting to me, though, how people who in theory are at opposite, I mean -completely diametrically opposed,- ends of the ideological spectrum--i.e. I Blame the Patriarchy, Let's overthrow It vs. I Blame the Patriarchy-Destroyers; Yay Patriarchy!--can often sound so, well, identical, even to the point of actually working together, on this one issue. Which is not, you know, a sideline like oh I don't know neighborhood crime watch, or balance the budget; it's -central- in both cases. Sex. Gender. All that jazz.

so, nu?

belledame222 said...

I mean, yes, I suppose my not-anti-pr0n position in some ways aligns me with people I'd otherwise really rather not be aligned with, like, at all--certain neanderthal right-wing "libertarians," maybe even really dodgy people who make the stuff--but...I can't see myself ever putting this shit -so central- that it'd make me okay with aligning with, oh I don't know, actual human traffickers?

I mean, yah, Bogado et al clearly consider any alignment with Flynt Consorting with the Enemy, and I can see how -they- would think so; but I'm not at all sure that pr0n per se was ever as central to the people who were aligning with Flynt over, like, the anti-war movement, as it was for Bogado & co. You know what I mean, jelly bean? Yeah, I see why the outrage at Bright to some degree, particularly given the kind of crappy way the whole thing played out, but...

and then, too, I guess ultimately while Flynt is pretty far from my favoritest person in the world, I don't see them as the biggest threat facing me/us/the Cause/whatever.

I tend to put people like y'know the theocrats in administration, the sort of people Reisman's hooked up to, way WAY higher on the scale of "danger! danger Will Robinson!"

I mean, I'm remembering Beeb after the whole "report the kiddy pr0n search-strings to the FBI" business, and how one of her responses was something like, look, I'm not Bush's biggest fan either, BUT...

and I was all, are you freaking KIDDING me? you're a RADICAL FEMINIST and the institutionalized misogyny of the Bush admin--I mean hello, the reproductive rights chilling effect ALONE--doesn't rate in comparison to STOPPING THE PR0NINATORS ZOMG? cause, dude, that shit's kind of backassward in my book, at the very -least.-

Rootietoot said...

, "how people who in theory are at opposite, I mean -completely diametrically opposed,- ends of the ideological spectrum-can often sound so, well, identical, even to the point of actually working together, on this one issue."

That's because a continuum isn't a line with this end far from that end, but a circle, where the two ends wind up right next to each other.

JackGoff said...

Holy shit! "The Pink Swastika?" I thought this was just a favorite of Freepers and the Reichwing.

And she uses the mustached leather thing to "prove" that gay people are Nazis? "Lick my jackboots of love" indeed. What. the. fuck.

belledame222 said...

she *is* the Reichwing. ladies' auxiliary. if she wasn't always she certainly is now.

JackGoff said...

Oh, whoops. Reading a bit more, that much is obvious. Blargh.

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