Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The alternative for those of us who haven't the focus/imagination necessary to really partake in NaNoWriMo, i.e. write an entire damn -novel- in the month of November. All's you have to do is post every day, all month. Should be a snap for me, right? amn't I already doing that?

...crap, no i'm not! already missed a day, last Tuesday, to be exact. Well, shit. clearly i have NO DISCIPLINE.

oh well, off to go play with shiny things.


Alon Levy said...

This month I've been less prolific than previously - I blame Katie - but I've still never missed a day, and I don't think I will miss one anytime soon.

emily said...

what kind of shiny things?



Rootietoot said...

There's always National Drunk Blogging Day, Dec 29, for those of us need to salve out egos becasue we can't do NoMoDoWePo.

I'm like you- shiny things, no attention span, hey where's my purse?

Bitch | Lab said...

shiny? shiny? *drool* where shiny?

(reminds me of my friend's little tyke, 2 at the time. We used the same sitter. Whenever I picked up sonshine, goober (yep. she was from the south. that's what they nickname kids in georgia) would come quickly toddling or crawling to me so he could feel up my calves, drooling and saying, "shiny". apparently, he dug the shine of the stockings or something. poor kid'll probably have a fetish for this all his life. on top of which, i swear to dog, his mother looked just malibu barbie. i'm not kidding. when we went out dancing at clubs -- there were a bunch of us who went generally in a big group of couples -- she, like, glowed in the dark.

belledame222 said...

hee! poor little goober! doomed to not only a stocking fetish but a LUREX stocking fetish. mebbe Robert Jensen can help um straighten him out.