Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dream archive, one more

just a short one; this one from two years ago December:

almost lucid (dream), women brought me to a room where they were going to “roll the beads’ i.e. masturbate me, but also it was some sort of divination, like tarot, “read,” something. consisted of a number of tests. the room was red and carpeted. put me on a table/bed/something. almost pleasurable anticipation. and then. one was “choose one word, just one. that sums up your philosophy,” and among the many many choices were fury, Fury! fury and (something, i forget now), and a bunch of others, fear i think, fright. i chose “fight” or “flight,” even though technically that was two. they seemed to be urging me, no WERE, to hurry, just choose, clock was ticking, they were getting impatient, i was getting somewhat panicky. the one after that, right before i woke up, was something about making a word out of a bunch of other words, or rather making a phrase...anyway i woke up with “stimulation,” or trying to make something out of it...

so woke up making the connection “stimulation=fight or flight.” hm.

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