Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just one last question, really:

this one more specifically related to this last particular kerfuffle and some of the, uhhhhh, people? that i have been exposed to--it's actually quite exciting, whole! new!

--well, not new, of course not new, but i had managed to nearly block it from my memory for a while there, i am now realizing with dawning wonder and not a little nausea

...whole! other! levels! vistas, dimensions! of SHEER HOPELESS FUCKWITTERY

...anyway, I just have this one question:

Three or four DECADES from now, where we're all back to bashing each other with sticks and rocks over who gets the last can of food in the fallout shelter, are some of these assclowns gonna, what, croak out of their second or third mouth,

"damn.....(horrible grinding sound)! (shudder, fall to ground)...i...blame..youuUUUUU!"


...but, huh, huh, BLOWJOB, huh, huh, cough, expectorate vile blackish substance...huh, uhh, huh-huh...blooooooowjobbb...[hideous mewling sound][snicker, barfs up the remains of what used to be a lung][death rattle, finally, MAYBE????...]


Rootietoot said...

yeah...and right across the shelter, sitting on a mattress filled with straw, will be people with lank braids and a last baggy of weed, blaming George Bush. ah well...It's never our own fault, always someone else's. Preferably someone else waaaayy over there.

belledame222 said...

I'm...yeah. gonna step back from that one. if nothing else, at least let's check again six years AFTER this one leaves office, if we're all still as fixated or if we've moved onto whatever fresh hell is in store.

but whatever else about the Bush thing: the -last- thing i care about is what he does or doesn't do in bed.

i just can't fathom how long some people can hold onto the Monica thing; as though nothing else at all had happened in the interim...

sort of my point here really

belledame222 said...

anyway, i actually feel sort of at least partially implicated for this current hell, even if i didn't vote for any of it; i think there's such a thing as...well, whatever you want to call it. Collective something, yes.

which totally BITES

belledame222 said...

that is: wrt this last Ann whosis & Feministing thing: what's happened now is, well, Ann is nominally a moderate and calls herself a feminist, but most of her supporters seem pretty heavily right-wing; some call themselves feminist in the I guess Christina Hoff Sommers tradition, but anyway: she's now trying to spin her assery as that she was making a SERIOUS CRITIQUE wrt poor Jessica; i.e. should a feminist -really- be, well, what is it now? accepting lunch invitations from Bill Clinton, I guess?

and also the sin of happening to look in some peoples' fervid little minds like Monica, in that she is brunette and attractive and young;

and so the whole damn thing STARTED with sniggering about, basically, huh huh, who's the intern;

but now that whosis is being so VERY assy, all the people who just couldn't get enough of the -original- BJ war come pouring back out;

and i gotta say, nasty as the feminists on my side of the fence are, the right-wingers here just aren't even masking it at all. "She looks like a streetwalker," (Jessica), that sort of thing; and that's just the women. Some of the men are, well...

but all through it: MonicaGate! Intern! I mean! did you ever consider?... why NO in fact i never did consider any of THAT stuff AT ALL, really? are you saying Clinton had some sort of issue with the ladies? some intern, you say? WELL, HUH.

and oh yes: now not only are we digging up the rotted carcass of MonicaGate, but using it as a fresh excuse to slut-bait this woman who had the temerity to go to a bloggers' luncheon she was invited to and stand whilst looking attractive in a photograph.

and it just NEVER NEVER GETS OLD: boobie jokes! intern jokes! blue dress jokes! haw, haw, haw, HAW...

ehhh, i can't even think about it anymore.

look, I know a lot of people can't stand him for more substantive reasons, I have my own axes to grind myself; neither he nor she are real high on my "yay" list; but, I mean, DAMN, you know? someone shoot me if I ever get THIS frigging petty and creepy about, well, anything.

belledame222 said...

bottom line: look, I've been bitching ninstop about the bad behavior of the people on my supposed team, and i do note the irony of (some of them) now rallying to the cause of a fellow blogger when by my lights they've been doing -close- to the same thing;

but at the same time: this last particular mess is (points across the aisle) pretty much -their- baby. and what a nasty strange mutant baby it is. really, for sheer misogynistic vileness, i realize: w suck primarily because we're hypocrites in claiming to be past all that; but in terms of -degree-, on the whole? don't hold a candle. yeeeeeeeesssshhhhh.

Howard said...

Oh, I'm sure the current one is going to have some huge stinky turds float to the top after he's gone.

Rootietoot said...

well, the fact is, Bill CLinton made some serious errors in judgement, and those errors make a fabulous bone for folk to chew on, particularly since, in many eyes, they point to his lack of that delightful Southern substance we call "Morahl Fibah" I truly believe Ms. Lewinski was guilty of nothing more than poor judgement and hero worship. I understand that Mr Clinton is a very charismatic sort, and she, in her youth, may not have realized what she was succumbing to. In my own way, I have been there/done that.

Now, Geo Bush is not in the habit of ejaculating on chicks half his age in his office, and therefore has Morahl Fibah,and is Worthy and Good, never mind his policies on immigration and free trade REALLY SUCK and probably affect far more folk than B. Clinton's hormonal improprieties.

We all like to make excuses, and even though I look like a conservative, I'm not sure that Clinton was guilty of anything more than being a buffoon, and as much as I would probably like having the Bushes come to my Christmas party, I doubt I'd want my sons dating their daughters.

I've said it before and I might even have it tattooed on my left butt-cheek:
I disagree with their politics.

You are the first person I've met (such as it is) who actually uses more words than I do on a very regular basis.

belledame222 said...

well, for me, see, the main thing about Bush is, see, this whole um little foreign adventure he's gotten us into? and completely not taken responsibility for it whatsoever? and...

yeah. I'm kind of less concerned about where anyone spills their seed, unsavory and badly judged and yep unethical though the intern business was, yes, than with the -blood- they spill.

that's kind of where it's at for me.

that and a hundred other things; and , no, i honestly really truly do not want to seriously get into it right now, the war, or just how safer we most of in New York do -not- feel, for very good reasons, or Katrina, or what they've been trying to do to the Constitution, or the mockery they make of the Geneva Convention, or anything else. it looks like i am, I realize, but not -really.- that's not even the Cliff Notes. because, oh. even i don't have the energy to properly tackle that right now, and i'd kind of rather not, with you, to be honest. not right now anyway. just: venting on my blog, here. i get that you do the same, sometimes in ways that might raise my hackles.

just mainly:

yeah, I believe in morality too, actually; I just, well, let's say sexual pecadillos per se, even cheating and hurtful as it was, yes, still are not real high on my "urgent" list. not when it comes to the Leader or the Free World, no.

belledame222 said...

anyway, back to the current mess, which is draining enough:

this is the kind of thing they've been saying on Little Green Footballs, (big RW political blog, particularly known for the nasty) for example:

>Does this dumb slut realize the left is well represented at OSM?

I guess not. Typical ill-informed invective from a Berkeley house whore.>

Ironically enough i think that's what they once said about ANN, under the impression for some reason that she is a left-winger.

belledame222 said...

>You are the first person I've met (such as it is) who actually uses more words than I do on a very regular basis.


Rootietoot said...


In about 5 mins there will be a beautiful sunset posted on my site. You'er welcome to it.

belledame222 said...

so, but yeah: that's what's really disgusting me right now:

that people NEVER EVER GET TIRED of talking about blowjobs and the women who perform them, preferably in as demeaning terms as possible;

albeit in slightly different language depending on whether one is coming from convoluted "radical feminist" (by some peoples' lights) rationalization or simple, well, Neanderthal, as we see above.

all the while pretending it's some sort of grand discourse with deep Meaning for some damn thing or other.

it's not. It's prurient and vile and horrible. and it's because people won't own their own shit, and I'm sick to death of it.

and particularly this LAST round of "blowjob wars" was ALREADY boring the tits off me; i simply cannot believe that now people are dragging THAT ten-year-old BJ brouhaha into my side of the aisle on top of it.


and in answer to the inevitable question,

"Because it feels so good when I stop."

or something.

belledame222 said...

oh good. I like sunsets.

Amber said...

"Moral fiber" can blow it out its bran-filled ass.

Bitch | Lab said...

she's not a feminist, as you now know. she calls herself neither feminist nor antifeminist. but, as i pointed out on my blog, she's a libertarian who pretends to hold no affiliation, except that she's big buds with instapundit, blah blah.

the huge FUN! of it all is she's a big hypocrit b/c last time she came to the attn of the feminist blogs, she was whining b/c no feminists helped her when the LGF mouth breathers were calling her a whore and making fun of her appearance.

and then there was the even more fun post where she complained that feminists had eradicated the notion of looking good for men and wasn't that a shame.

ha ha ha.

belledame222 said...

i dunno. is that even libertarianism? i mean, i would think that someone who was at least sort of consistent would at least not be all up in someone else's shit for what she was wearing and how she was standing and...

oh, wait, did i say "sort of consistent?" i meant to say


Bitch | Lab said...

well, yeah, but just like others, she wouldn't have done it to jessica were she a conservative. just as you are saying, the other feinists who are mean re other issues, won't do it to someone that's part of their approved circle or at leaast within generally accepted boundaries.

soopermouse said...


person who believes that when the world ends, the whole disaster will completely avoid their home and back garden.

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