Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Sadly, humans are not like bugs in that way"

For some reason, this post over at CUSS (Campaign for Unshaved Snatch) regarding a NYT article on insect sex is making me giggle uncontrollably. (reason: I Am A Sick Fuck)

I mean, yes,

as I read extremely graphic descriptions of the female praying mantis eating the male while he was still getting his groove on, I felt a bit ill.

but, c'mon, i bet it's not the most unsavory thing you've considered (or eaten!) this week.

and, too, as noted,

if only humans were a bit more like bugs, this could become an important deterrent for rapists,

Well, i bet we could be if we put an EFFORT into it. Just need to find our inner mandibles, as it were.

But, no. You just don't care, you selfish fucks. Class Woman, nothing; you are letting the whole damn SPECIES down.

It seems that I am a huge prude when it comes to mating and eating one’s partner.


Meanwhile, not very far away, or well okay in the farthest reaches of northern Canada, as noted by the lovely CrackerLilo, they are having a celebration,

Prince Albert pride for Canadian gay teens

No, gutterbrain; that's where they LIVE.

In a can, duh.

("Is that a Prince Albert in your can, or are you just...")


alphabitch said...

"Just need to find our inner mandibles, as it were."


Suzanne said...

I'm so glad that it amused you. I live to please (and usually fail, but whatever!). I will justify my lack of literally devouring my husband after sex so that nothing but his wings (I guess in this case, arms) are left by noting that I generally enjoy his company. There have been times when I've been sorely tempted, though.

PS - I love the name of your blog.

belledame222 said...

Thanks! Welcome!

antiprincess said...

what's with the insects crawling all over the blogosphere?

I welcome our new insect overlords...

belledame222 said...

Wait, where else? Do I want to know this?

EL said...

Just ... ummm ... you're funny.

belledame222 said...

hey, EL, I was trying to drop you a note via your email, didn't seem to work--are you still using that address?

Alex Barreto said...

Banana Slugs are hermaphrodites and after they have sex they eat each other's penises. It grows, I think...or maybe they die with a sackful of freshly spermed eggs I'm not sure. None of it seems real. The banana slugs must be lying for the cameras. Really they're eating little banana chunks that they slip in front of their crotches and make them look like penises. Yeah, that's it. Animals don't do wierd sex things. And human adults don't get paid to wear diapers. Never.