Saturday, September 09, 2006

When seriously fucked up shit happens to awesome people, part #425,341,987,372: Grannyvibe

...has apparently pulled her blog, at least for now, "Granny Gets a Vibrator," because--or at any rate concurrent with--she has apparently developed lymphoma.

And no insurance. Her son (Finnegan's Wake-Up Call, heh) has started a PayPal account: if ever there was a good cause, i truly think this woman is one of them.

Thanks to alphabitch via Twisty Faster and two regulars thereon for the heads-up. That counts for something in my book.

So, you know, people caring, giving a crap, that is somewhat of a consolation;

i am trying not to let this one send me too far into the dark fog, but goddam.

another by all accounts and from what i knew of her online (oh yes: and quite young, mid-forties) woman just recently passed. From fucking cancer. Goddam motherfucking shitsucking cancer. after--no, i won't go into it. not really my story, of course. yeah, my mom had it too. is currently in remission (knock wood). oh yeah: is currently awaiting the results of that same genetic test TF took, btw.

but fuck i'm depressed about that, Liz. of ALL people. and people like motherfucking Dick Cheney just go on and on and on, and get the best of doctor treatment for their non-existent hearts because, well, that's how it is.

and all--or well most of them-- the coolest and most interesting, kindpeople i know are either out of work or otherwise struggling to keep their head above water to one degree or another, and what end in sight? what the fuck? and we are keeping this whole monolithic creaky countrysystem-whatever "number One" so that, what? "Coca-Cola, sometimes war." yepper. corporations are persons, is it? a handful of sociopathic fucks can continue to feed their gaping black hole of a soul with the wrong food (i.e. everyone else) and STILL never even be satisfied?

yeah, maybe revolution doesn't sound so bad at that. sure, put me up against the wall, what the fuck.

sorry, guys. anyway, if you can: go over to FinWake and maybe give some help or at least love. i'll be back to posting about spiritual uplift and kittens and shit shortly.


kactus said...

Very very sad news about Granny. I heard about it through Twist too.

This has been one morning of bad news that I would gladly blame on the patriarchy.

belledame222 said...

imperialist capitalist pig-dog hegemony, what you will.

or just, you know, fucking ASSHOLES

belledame222 said...

...btw, have you seen any info about what kind of lymphoma it was? or how far? not that i want to get too far into it, just, i know some are more treatable than others.

but that you need to get in there quickly, hence: money; good.

i passed the info on to the VC where I first knew her; she'd terminated her account there but i assume people will want to help out, they're often very good in such instances, and she was well-loved while there.

kactus said...

I have no idea of what kind of lymphoma, and like you I'm reluctant to ask. Dunno why, except it's a kind of reticence in the face of illness, maybe. Like the family is already facing enough shit without a bunch of well-meaning questions.

belledame222 said...

Oh, yeah, i just wondered if it were already out there.

sigh. anyway.

greymatters said...

To expand on the question, as a daughter of a mother going through chemo/rad and facing surgery next week, there is for some an entirely natural reticence to talk about things with people you don't know. So, too, I cannot tell you the toll it takes to repeat (and I do mean REPEAT) again and again to friends and well wishers the same information over and over again IRL.

Talking about cancer, and how it grows into familial and social networks, is hard and invasive.

Anyway, I'm popping in just to thank BD for the "heads-up". BD? We've not met; you blogrolled me. I read your blog and reciprocated. In the middle of dealing with my own mother, since you are at the head of the alphabet, although I'd skimmed Twisty, your blog was a terrific gateway to hearing terrible, brutal news.

So: thanks.

belledame222 said...

Hey, GM, nice to "meet" you proper-like. So sorry about your mum. Yah. Chemo, radiation, surgery, the waiting game, side effects. Good fuckin times. gahh.

belledame222 said...

and fingers crossed for best outcome next week, and strength and peace to you both.