Sunday, September 17, 2006

In which the author is utterly weak and gives in to the dark, seductive, throaty cry of Schadenfreude once again

Just, heh, over at Nine Pearls, Veronica notes that Ann Thingie, you know, the feminist who is very concerned about the threat that a Feministing blogger's breasts poses to the entire movement, i.e., she R a Serious Thinker, this one,

anyway, Veronica notes in passing Ann Twerp's affection for the show Project Runway.

my, she’s…deep, isn’t she. I can totally understand why she’d be concerned that young airheads like Jessica might be giving Feminism a bad name, even if she had left her breasts at home (how gauche, really: no white shoes OR breasts after Labor Day…)

But in addition to the astonishing level of insightful feminist commentary on this pop culture phenomenon, interlaced as ‘twere with surprising yet astute quotations from various philosophers, poets, political theorists, and her parrot, this bit caught my eye:

It was surprising that Laura acted so weak. Her confidence was shattered, she’d been blindsided, she was so terribly tired. She cried. But it wasn’t all weakness. She had the strength to bully Angela, really to try to play a mind game on her, telling her she didn’t deserve another chance…


I think I see what she sees in it, now.

CRYING is a sign of WEAKNESS!!! FINISH H-..oh, good, she still had some bullying left in ‘er, that's the spirit.

chomp chomp chomp the popcorn

Lovely person, really; I think she ought to branch out, write childrens’ books, some shit like that.


Renegade Evolution said...

sigh, humans....

Bitch | Lab said...

"chomp chomp chomp the popcorn"


soopermouse said...


No, seriously, EW.

JackGoff said...

ditto-ing soopermouse:

Fucking grotty. How someone could be this obvious about their love of bullying is beyond me. No wonder she went on the attack against Jessica.

belledame222 said...

I note her Amazon ad was at last click including books entitled "We're Just Like You, Only Prettier" and "Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like A Skank."

and this person gets guest spots in the NYT editorial page, is that correct?

there is no God.

belledame222 said...

...on second thought, i revise. there might be after all, albeit the usual dark-humored one. For if she's -that- Big and Famous and she -still- feels so very insecure that she has to go on the attack against a blogger because, what? invited to lunch with Bill Clinton, and at her age, and she's not even a -real- journalist, AND she looks like THAT, ooh, BURN.

not that she wanted to go to lunch with Bill Clinton, of course, as a properly outraged feminist; no doubt had she received a similar invitation she would've turned it down flat, in high dudgeon. mm, mm-hm.

suddenly feeling the need to watch "All About Eve" again, even though in this case the Eve Harrington role is clearly in the more seasoned player. which is all the more pathetic, really.

"You can always put that award where your heart should be."

Renegade Evolution said...

oh, a dark sense of humor is good...but this woman has would seem.

after all, at some level, are not ALL bloggers journalists?

Amber said...

I like what someone on Feministe (at least I think that's where it was) said... "she doesn't just have issues, she has bound volumes."

belledame222 said...



"bless the child, more issues than National Geographic. mm-mm."

(forget where i heard that)

and of course Jessica IS i -think- -also- a "real" journalist; and of course god forbid Ann didn't SAY (i don't think?) in so many words that this was putting her in her place for being a blogger, much less for oh i don't know being a WOMAN, much less a young pretty one; but y'see that all would kind of go back to the "utterly disingenuous, passive-aggressive piece o' crap" bit.

belledame222 said...

oh, RE, per dark-humor, I was referring to God, not Ann.

belledame222 said... far as i can tell she doesn't in fact have any sense of humor at all. except for the "hard mirthless shine that comes when she's getting ready to tease." (i forget where that's from--Stephen King, maybe?)

"Hey, the joke's on you! LAUGH! oh LIGHTEN UP, it's just a JOKE--what do you MEAN, back at ME?? -I- didn't do -anything-, waaaaahhhhh, you're PICKING ON ME, WAHHHHHHH"

Veronica said...

Yeah. Jessica has written for the Observer.

Honestly, I think Ann is just pissed off that there's already a humorless, bleached blonde female Republican pundit out there, and she's considerably more famous than Althouse will ever be. Ann is unconciously raging against the Cloulter.

belledame222 said...

i think also she's maybe not quite vile ENOUGH to knock Coulter out of her seat; for that Malkin seems to be the only real usurper thus far.

Spill The Beans said...

You know, I seriously spent about 4 minutes contemplating if what Jessica had done was all that bad, and I don't get that juxtaposition that sexiness is somehow antifeminist. I just don't.

Vanessa said...

Lol, I *love* Project Runway...but what is really mean about that comment Ann made is that the "Laura" in question is actually pregnant and full of kidding she cried, when I was pregnant I was a veritable waterfall.

JackGoff said...

Just to say...Ann Twerp


belledame222 said...


Yeah, I'm sure it could be a totally fun show--I don't have cable anymore so am clueless, really--I just kind of love, well, mostly, that bullying apparently makes her wet. but particularly ironic given the context of she just finished bashing the hell out of another woman for, well, her appearance--but no! NOT about her appearance! because the Breasted Hussy was an AFFRONT TO FEMINISM.

o'course Ms. Twerp doesn't actually ID as a feminist at ALL it turns out, but, hey, this is what happens sometimes: turns out you get ALL 31 delicious froot flavors in one nutty package!

belledame222 said...

a shallow, vapid, affront to feminism, with nothing to offer but BREASTS, apparently.

maybe i should've posted the pic with the pink Big Bird model actually striking the pose that Twerp was accusing (j'accuse!) Jessica of striking.

now i kind of want to sign her up for i don't know, female oil wrestling pay-per-view or something; i kind of think she'd get a bang out of it, would Ann; and frankly it might be healthier than some of these other...outlets for, uhhh, whatever it is.

did we mention this other woman's BREASTS? she has 'em. not that Ann pays close attention to such things. no.

belledame222 said...

oh. you know what else? well, hm, am trying to think of a way to put this that doesn't put yet MORE spotlight on poor Jessica herself.

but, well.

there are a few things going on here, seems to me.

well, as there were with Lewinsky, I do believe. stuff that doesn't quiiiiiiite make the radar as much these days, but is definitely there, especially with assclowns like Twerp.

yoy know what I'm talking about?

well. hmm. The whole 'brunette" thing, for starters; and that Jessica -is- lovely, but she is lovely in a way that is rather different (lovelier if you ask me) from the Ann Coulters of this world.

that and the got-overshadowed-by-the-boobage part sneerage about how inappropriately she was dressed, you know, floozy, but also...

yeah, I am channeling the term "jumped-up" from somewhere out in the ether that may well be a part of Ann's feverish little brain. and not just because of her youth or blogger status either.

know what I'm saying?

Does this Ann have as much country club in her background as the more ubiquitous Ann Thrax, I wonder? i have a feeling.

belledame222 said...

--aHA!! score!!


--no, wait, uh. yeah.

Tuffy said...

I love Project Runway. Is that pink dress from a previous season? I just looked at all the Fashion Week collections and I think Jeffrey is the winner. Which totally sucks, but Michael flamed out with his mini-collection and there's no way they'd give it to Laura.

belledame222 said...

Are those actually headphones that she's wearing?

You know what I'd REALLY love? which i only finally just saw when I was flying Jet Blue last month, the season finale? "So You Think You Can Dance." THAT, I could make into an obsession. probably not enough to get cable for, tho'.

belledame222 said...

(I fucking love the word "grotty")

Tuffy said...

That's one of those I keep meaning to watch. Actually some feminist politics intruded upon "Dancing wiht the Stars" when Tucker Carlson, instead of dancing with his partner, brought out a chair and had her give him a sort of lapdance. It was creepy. And lazy.

I mentioned Runway to smackdown what seems to be the Althouse-et-al line that only non-feminists can be into pretty things, recreational cattiness, sex etc. Because feminists apparently are kept busy binding their breasts and wearing muumuus, as Veronica of Nine Pearls put it. Just in case that wasn't clear from my comment there.

Tuffy said...

Oh and yeah, they're headphones -- it was his little joke for the whole show apparently

belledame222 said...

Oh I don't know WHAT Althouse's line is, other than "I have springs coming out of my head! I am capable of looking you right in the face and denying I just said what I said! I didn't say that!"

the "Bad Runway! Bad pink! Bad fashion, yadda" would be more TF's line.

Tuffy said...

I got the impression she's trying to set up a dichotomy between feminism and fun. It's kind of the same as when right-wingers say feminists are anti-pretty-clothes or whatever. Like, "Well, *I* like project runway, which those joyless feminists disapprove of -- you don't want to be one of *them,* do you?"

anyway, I can't find your email address so I'll stick the following link here. I can't decide if it's offensive, funny, semi-empowering or just "eh."

belledame222 said...

Oh, tuffy, email me through the "contact me" here at blogger; I'll send you my regular address again.

yah, I guess she's doing the usual neocon Bizarro World "feminist" bullshit. I'd not really been that cognizant of the Christina Hoff Sommers, etc. people, at least not their uhm work; except Paglia, who I just mainly thought had springs comin' out her head. anyway after this assclown i understand the kneejerk suspicion of the "fun" kind of feminist a tad better, perhaps. of course this woman has about as much in common with I don't know Susie Bright as Barbara Ehrenreich has with Carrie Nation.

anyway all I can say is: sweetie. you are -not- FUN. people who have conniption fits over the idea of anything remotely sexual; people who think bullying is just the greatest fun ever, till it gets turned around; people who are as dull and pointless as this person: Not Fun.