Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why, this is oddly refreshing.

Not to put Butterfly Cauldron for any particular reason, except I think she's swell, you should check out her blog; and, so, she got this Nonny Mouse commenter, who, well, actually there's nothing terrifically remarkable about him, really, sadly, except that it pulled me up short a bit; as it made me realize that I've been so thoroughly immersed in the Talmudic subtleties of the internecine Feminist Wars (or whatever this is) that I had almost forgotten about the existence of the more, shall we say, traditional type of incredibly obnoxious self-righteous "I'm only being a nasty fuck for your own good" evangelist.


Y'know, I'm aware that society tells us that it's okay to wallow in moral relativity and engage in a mentality of "do what feels good to you," (that's called "hedonism," by the way), but the fact is that a lie, even when it makes one feel good about oneself, is still a lie although it's affirmed by everyone and the truth remains true even if everyone disagrees with it.
It's really not okay to revel in gluttony because that's "who you are and you're beautiful."
There are people who live with real problems not of their own making and real psychic hardships who would love to have the opportunities you do. Don't cheapen their problems with your pseudo-angst.

Also, you need to check your theology. I realize you may not consider my reaching out to you "gentle and respectful" as Peter commands (1 Peter 3.15), but sometimes the truth that we need to hear is very painful and we don't like it. If you're interested in learning the facts about Christianity (not the emotionalism and fire and brimstone stuff, although that's a necessary part of it eventually) and the outrageous claims of Jesus Christ, I'd love to discuss them with you. As for your beliefs and mine, maybe we can examine the evidence for our worldviews and religions side by side and see which one is based more on historical facts in evidence and which is more reasonable.

Oh, I had a reply to him. Oh, it hasn't gone through the mod queue yet and I forgot to copy it. Oh well. Anyway, let's have a great big warm hand of applause for a blogfriends's Nonny Mouse #431809.765B or something! (and a nice warm round of support for BC for her civilized yet firm reply to the fuckhead, and for just generally being a swell person and interesting blogger), whoever it is, and no, I would have absolutely no problem singling out someone like this for humiliation if I thought, you know, it was even anything more than a drive-by. Yay, Nonny Mouse! A blessed reminder that yes INdeed, there are many many many flavors of assholery in this world, and some that are even a lot more prevalent and obnoxious than the ones I've been all het up about! Not that that remotely lets Those Other types of evangelists off the hook, because it doesn't! (you fuckstains). Just because, well, I needed a reminder that the world is a wide wide many-splendored place! teeming with diversity! including a full 31 entirely different flavors of folks who are utterly and completely full of shit! (which does all smell the same at the end of the day, but nevertheless).

O and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and kittens are in the air and I'm actually going to go eat dim sum with my fwieeeennnnnds

(if they ever get here. fastlad, where ARE you already?)

I like to sing-a,
About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a...


Kristin said...

I'd like to volunteer to be the test subject hedonist, kay? I'll do all the wallowing and gluttony and he can do all the trumped-up righteous indignation.

antiprincess said...

you know what I love about you?
you're in touch with your inner cartman.


Zan said...

Your comment is up now ;) Oh! And he came back! With an even more obnoxious comment, because I made a little post about how I expected all comments to be respectful, even if the poster disagreed with me.

Did you know, I've only got TWO readers? And my name is Zam, not Zan. I'm so glad he told me. I've been going my whole life by the wrong name! Think of it -- the wrong name! Who knows, maybe there's money out there somewhere with my correct name on it and I'd have never know if the Trolly one hadn't come by. Maybe my true love has been searching the world, calling out "Oh Zam, Zam, where are you Zam?"

*blushes* And thanks for the nice words. You're kinda neat too :) Wait...with you, that means I've got...THREE readers! *gasp* I'm sooo loved....

piny said...

Hee. You know, I think I'm more offended by his assumption that his audience doesn't know what "hedonism" means than anything else.

Alon Levy said...

I still maintain that someone needs to start a reality show featuring 12 radicals from 12 different movements, 6 from the left and 6 from the right. We all know about the top contenders for the radical feminist spot; now there's someone who could be the Christian fundamentalist.

Kristin said...

Alon, that is a brilliant idea. No shiz.

belledame222 said...


Zan said...

*snicker* That's an awesome idea. Better yet, put it on pay-per-view and get rich off 'em :)

Actually, I was kinda offended he thought I'd mind being called a hedonist. :) Oh well. I'm gonna go mess with him some more before I go to my folks for a BBQ. He came back again last night. (My poor little blog with no readers is apparently interesting enough for him to come back repeatedly...)

Clampett said...

ten thousand dicks up anon's ass,

I am disturbed by anon's wish to strike so deep on Zen.

She shares personal things about heself and anon used that info to hurt her, something that tells us the smoke of evil is clouding what little moral clarity anon has.

I had to respond to anon's 'low blow', but I wouldn't have even know about it if it weren't for belledame222.

so... good job belledame222. You get the 'hero of USA#1' award for today. sorry, there's no cash prize.

belledame222 said...

I know, right? There is just no money these days in being a Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist O' Justice.

fringe benefits can be kind of nice, tho'.

belledame222 said...

and zan: not that the jerk is worth analysis, and I hope he's not gonna turn out to be one of those relentless stalker-esque trolls, 'cause who needs that shit (if he keeps coming back, totally unsolicited advice, but personally i just wouldn't let his crap through the mod queue at all; sometimes energy creatures just need to get bored enough to detach and go suck off someone else), but, you know what it is, don't you?

"Somewhere in the furthest recesses of my underdeveloped gallstone of a soul, I am dimly aware that you have access to something I do not. It is the sort of thing my Grand Ideology/Religion/whatever (could be anything, really; point is in this case you also lay claim to some of the magic woids and phrases he firmly believes are HIS) was supposed to give me, I've poured all my energy into this belief; and yet somehow I'M NOT HAPPY. how DARE you be happy when I'm not?? especially since you seem to be indulging in things that I have poured ALL MY ENERGY into attacking in the name of this big honking whatever was supposed to save me; if it turns out you're RIGHT, what does that make ME? And what does that say about the way I've been spending all my energy and most of my life? Uh, well, I -could- really take this question to heart and consider whether you might actually inspire me to think, if nothing else, "gee, some of the stuff I've been doing and believing is maybe not working out so well;" or, I could just relentlessly attack you until you, the Thing What Is Disturbing Me, is DESTROYED.

guess which choice I'm gonna make?

Zan said...

Well, I'm pretty tough to destroy :) You know how they say religion is for people who believe in hell, spirituality is for people who've been there? Well, I consider myself spiritual, not religious. You get to know yourself pretty well and grow a damned thick skin when you've spent most of your adult life literally fighting for your life. (In my case, I've been fighting a plethora of diseases. Seriously, I figure since I survived all that, I can survive anything.)

I find the troll amusing for the moment. He thinks I don't know who he is or where he came from, clearly unaware that you can track those things. When he stops amusing me, I'll delete his comments in moderation.

As far as his religious assaults? Ha. I've been brainwashed by some of the best and managed to come out just fine, thank ya. He's an amateur, he just doesn't know it. Check out the post I put up about a convo I had with some family members today to see the kind of stuff I hear from my family. Really, he'll have to try muuuuuch harder to top them.

Hey! Can I be the token bisexual in your Lesbian Justice Terrorism movement? I'm really good at blowing things up.

(Oh, Clampett, thanks for the post :) I don't know how he dares call himself a Christian either, but he seems comfortable with the label. Dont' know how Christ feels about it though.)

belledame222 said...

That's cool. Yeah, it is rather nice, this little taste of power, isn't it? The power to DELETE and BAN. ahhhh. "Oh, look, someone who is DEMANDING to be treated like a human pinata. Well, okay. Whee! Whee! ...Okay, bored now. Byieeee."

belledame222 said...

we are always seeking recruits for the Movement, zan. you can be our double agent. triple, even.

belledame222 said...

>religion is for people who believe in hell, spirituality is for people who've been there?

Never heard that expression, but I expect I'll remember it; that's memorable.

belledame222 said...

>She shares personal things about heself and anon used that info to hurt her, something that tells us the smoke of evil

Yeup. That's pretty much one of my litmus tests as well. Fighting someone who's also got their teeth and claws bared, that's one thing. When the person rolls over and exposes her throat, though, decent people back off, at least somewhat. The people who strike -harder- when someone does that, that to me is always a sign of Stay The Hell Away.

much less make a vicious attack on someone who hasn't done anything to them (by any reasonable, sane human standards; as I said, clearly the guy DOES feel under attack, but, you know, to go too far into empathy with THAT mindset literally madness lies).

Zan said...

I do my best to have empathy for everyone, even those I disagree with, but some people...He doesn't want empathy or understanding, he wants conquest and well, I'm not up for takeover.

Although, the fact that my mere existance is enough to freak this guy out is kinda cool :)

belledame222 said...

Isn't it?

Spill The Beans said...

Nothing delights me more than to hammer the shit out of a religious fundamentalist, verbally speaking.

They really piss me off.

belledame222 said...

All sorts of fundamentalists in this world; some don't even identify as such, really.

I have my creed and I'm sticking to it:

"And this above all: Don't Be An Asshole."

the rest is gravy, really.

Clampett said...

belledame222, I question the merits of that last one.

It's not only ok to be an asshole in the face of evil, that's the right thing to do.

Otherwise...I agree 100%

belledame222 said...

depends on one's definition of an asshole, really.

or, well, anything else.

all's i know is "I Know It When I See It."

Clampett said...


Thats a damn fine observation,

I mean a person with a spine who says and or does things that make others feel uncomfortable at times.

I use the terms 'bitch-assed motherfucker' and 'camel feltcher' to discribe a jerk, my usage of the term 'asshole' might be off as I am quite liberal with profanity when a situation necessitating it arises.

I guess that within our inherently sexist language, the female equivelent of 'asshole' is 'bitch'.

But perhaps all of these words mean the same thing to me:

THAT woman/THAT man.

again, " Know It When I See It" is a damn fine observation applied here. I forget the person who said that about porn, but whatever.

Ave atque vale.