Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carnival of Feminists: a Very Special Announcement

well, one, the 35th episode is up at the f-word (UK). Lots o' good stuff in there.


the next and 36th edition will be right here, on April 18th.

The theme, or a theme: (write the feem tune, sing the feem tune...)

Relationships between women
. Including, but not limited to: erotic and/or romantic relations, friends ("Chloe liked Olivia"), enemies, sisters (blood or otherwise), mother-daughter, grandmother-granddaughter, co-workers, co-activists, classmates, flatmates, boss-employee, domme-sub...

This is definitely one of those "personal is political" topics, but don't feel limited to personal anecdotes: analyses of cultural trends or particular historical periods, book or film reviews, and so on, are also welcome. Also consider explorations of the mythic: Kali Ma, Gaia, other mother goddesses; relationship with any female deity or feminine aspect of the Divine, and so on.

Also welcome/encouraged: explorations of "double (or more) jeopardy" (i.e. sexism in combination with racism, homophobia, ageism, class, and so on); perspectives from outside the US/UK (and to a lesser extent, Canada and Australia).

Or, as usual, write and/or nominate an entry on any other timely feminist-related theme.

and send to:

lilith_sincere AT yahoo DOT com.

Have fun!

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gingermiss said...

Awesome theme. It (appropriately) combines the personal and the political. I look forward to seeing it.