Monday, April 16, 2007

Time, ladies (and gentilpersyns): last call for Carnival of the Feminists, vol. 36

Carnival will be posted on Wednesday, April 18: if you have a nomination (your own or others'), please get it in by Tuesday midnight at the latest. Thanks!

the repost:

The theme, or a theme: (write the feem tune, sing the feem tune...)

Relationships between women. Including, but not limited to: erotic and/or romantic relations, friends ("Chloe liked Olivia"), enemies, sisters (blood or otherwise), mother-daughter, grandmother-granddaughter, co-workers, co-activists, classmates, flatmates, boss-employee, domme-sub...

This is definitely one of those "personal is political" topics, but don't feel limited to personal anecdotes: analyses of cultural trends or particular historical periods, book or film reviews, and so on, are also welcome. Also consider explorations of the mythic: Kali Ma, Gaia, other mother goddesses; relationship with any female deity or feminine aspect of the Divine, and so on.

Also welcome/encouraged: explorations of "double (or more) jeopardy" (i.e. sexism in combination with racism, homophobia, ageism, class, and so on); perspectives from outside the US/UK (and to a lesser extent, Canada and Australia).

Or, as usual, write and/or nominate an entry on any other timely feminist-related theme.

and send to:

lilith_sincere AT yahoo DOT com.


Sydette said...
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antiprincess said...

I think I'm-a miss the deadline.

belledame222 said...

AP: well, i thought i might include your response to IH, long with IH's post, and some others related to this latest episode, since the Leeds thing is news anyway. if that's cool with you.

Sydette said...
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