Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh, terrific.

Cassandra Says:

Once again, America ignores the rest of the world…
Did you know that war may be on the horizon between Estonia and Russia? I didn’t for a few days, until a friend on LJ who actually lives in Estonia told me. As soon as she told me I started looking at the US media, and…nothing.
Then I checked The Guardian, and it was right there front and center. That’ll teach me to rely on the US media.
So, in case anyone else missed it, check out the following links from The Guardian. Short summary…the Estonian government took down a monument commemorating the Russian soldiers who drove the Nazis out of Estonia (they didn’t destroy it completely, they moved it to a new location). Estonia’s Russian population is pissed off. Ethnic Estonians considered the monument to be a national insult “celebrating” the fact that they were “liberated” from the Nazis only to be colonized by Russia – from their perspective they simply swapped one set of oppressors for another. The Russian government is throwing a tantrum and demanding that Estonia be “punished”. Given Russia’s previous behavior in the Baltic, this is more than a little ominous. According to my friend what’s actually happening on the ground is much worse than the media is making it out to be, and this confrontation has been brewing for a long time...

Guardian links over at CS's, i actually can't make myself go over and read them right now. Pooty-Poot scares the shite out of me, as does this entire fucked-up era.


Renegade Evolution said...

i warned y'all about that guy...

Alon Levy said...

Thanks for the link, Belledame. I heard about the incident on Google News, but I thought it was just a standard foreign policy drama incident, like one of the many standoffs between China and Japan over Japan's World War Two atrocities. I certainly had no idea there were massive riots and a threat of Russian belligerent action.

On another note, I'm kind of surprised the Grauniad's reporting it the way it is. The Grauniad has an extremely pro-Russian line, a holdover from the Cold War. Back in 2004, it ran editorials calling the Orange Revolution a CIA plot.

Cassandra Says said...

I know that people keep recommending Terry Pratchett to you...have you read anything of his yet? His character The Patrician is basically Putin.
And indeed he is a scary bastard. That man has eyes like a shark.

Veronica said...

Ahh, yes. The rest of the world.

Turkey is having a constitutional crisis at the moment. Something about kicking out the Muslim president.

belledame222 said...

to be replaced with...?

Alon Levy said...

A President who's a more liberal Muslim than the incumbent, who's a soft-core Islamist.

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