Sunday, April 01, 2007

damn, that sure is sexy all right

search string of the day:

"human girls sucking on other girls private spots"

I didn't realize the Coneheads were into pr0n...


Central Content Publisher said...

Can spots really be considered private once they hit the internet?

brownfemi said...

i'm afraid i don't seen the porn aspect--I love to suck on my own very private inner arm. It's my private place of peace and tranquility.

I suppose it would be ok for another human to suck on my inner arm.


hee hee, I betcha what happened was this person got a lot of animal porn in other search strings.

so at least you got somebody who doesn't enjoy animal porn.

you have such classy people coming to your site!
(compared to my search strings which outside of the racist shit usually consists of various strings looking for animal porn.)

belledame222 said...

dude. i don't know how i miss out, really. well lately it seems like a good 7/8th of 'em are looking for that Pink video (look! I'm posting the magic phrase again!): "I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment." curiously most of those seem to be coming from Abroad. and then, some of them seem to stick around. anyway there seems to be someone in Poland who's been coming back a lot, for example. 'scool.

i get weird-ass ones too, it's just i only have so many it keeps in the cache, so i've no doubt i miss some real gems.

Anonymous said...

bathpetals Take a piece of me