Friday, April 06, 2007

Weekend git-your-groove on

this edition's for Ren, and whoever else who's needing it right now.

*obligatory Not Safe For (Most Peoples') Work duly added to a number of these. starting with #3, i think. while we're on the subject: i've never felt safe opening -any- video or audio files at work, on the Hey You're Just Fucking Around Instead Of Waiting In A Stupor For The Phone To Ring Aren't You tip; but then i generally don't work in places that have doors to close...

that girl thinks she's the Queen of the neighborhood!


no justification needed

give it up give it up

ready to take off?

Lean back. Relax.


Say! You notice something?

Don't like it?

Better yet:


"absolutely no regrets"


Renegade Evolution said...

joan is so one of my favorites! Thanks belle...

and well, his royal purpleness...damn

Central Content Publisher said...

I thought you might be interested in this. You know, when Disney goes for it, it's a done deal.

Sassywho said...

I'm awake now! What a shame it was just my laptop laying next to me.

Octogalore said...

Thanks for the not-so-guilty pleasures today! A wonderful break from work.

Louisefeminista said...

I haven't seen Madonna's Justify My Love for years so that was very good and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

I remember when Relax was kinda banned in the UK circa 1984 and it indeed rocketed up the music charts to No. 1 and stayed put for weeks much to the chagrin of the moralists and prudes (I bought the single and album like many of my classmates at school).

Looking back it was utterly bizarre why they banned the record as it gave more advertisement to the song! Well, the good old repressed and stiff-upper-lip UK!