Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maybe it's the weather turning warmer or something

...maybe i just want to get the hell awayyyy. or maybe I'm watching Battlestar Galactica and the description of the living arrangements keep bringing it to mind.

but for whatever reason, i am finding myself fascinated by the idea of this:

Living in Antarctica


HARPER: Snow! Ice! Mountains of ice! Where am I? I...I feel better, I do, I...feel better. There are ice crystals in my lungs, wonderful and sharp. And the snow smells like cold, crushed peaches. And there's something...some current of blood in the wind, how strange, it has that iron taste.

MR LIES: Ozone.

HARPER: Ozone! Wow! Where am I?

MR LIES: The Kingdom of Ice, the bottommost part of the world.

HARPER: Antarctica. This is Antarctica!

MR LIES: Cold shelter for the shattered. No sorrow here, tears freeze.

HARPER: Antarctica, Antarctica, oh boy oh boy, LOOK at this, I...Wow, I must've really snapped the tether, huh?

MR LIES: Apparently...

HARPER: That's great. I want to stay here forever. Set up camp. Build things. Build a city, an enormous city made up of frontier forts, dark wood and green roofs and high gates made of pointed logs and bonfires burning on every street corner. I should build by a river. Where are the forests?

MR LIES: No timber here. Too cold. Ice, no trees.

HARPER: Oh details! I'm sick of details! I'll plant them and grow them. I'll live off caribou fat. I'll melt it over the bonfires and drink it from long, curved goat-horn cups. It'll be great. I want to make a new world here. So long as I never have to go home again.

MR LIES: As long as it lasts. Ice has a way of melting...

--Tony Kushner, Angels in America: Millenium Approaches


Vanessa said...

Just remember: there are no eskimo in antarctica.

belledame222 said...

"...but her soul was in ANTARCTICA!

We'll all miss (whatever town it was)' little Eskimo. Let us pray that she will soon be rubbing noses with Jesus..."