Sunday, April 15, 2007


by Emily. the alphabet one, right, okay:

A- Available or Single? Yes.
B- Best Friend. fastlad
C- Cake or Pie. CAKE.
D- Drink of Choice. Co-cola, although I'm trying to quit again. well--I think about it.
E- Essential Item. this fracking computer i suppose
F- Favorite Color. purple
G- Gummi Bears or Worms. Neither. blergh.
H- Hometown. Grew up in (mostly): small city in Southern California. Born: Boston, MA
I- Indulgence. Massage.
J- January or February. Neither.
K- Kids. Deep fried
L- Life is incomplete without… books
M- Marriage Date. eh?
N- Number of Siblings? none.
O- Oranges or Apples? whatever's got more flavor and juice
P- Phobias/Fears. like i'd tell you. "ye KNOW too much"
Q- Favorite Quote. "I do not believe that I am a vindictive [person], but when the immortal gods take a hand in the matter it is pardonable to observe the result with complacency"--Somerset Maugham, that bitch
R- Reasons to smile. Life itself.
S- Season. Fall, at least on the East Coast.
T- Tag Three. Kim, funkybrownchick, Andrea
U- Unknown Fact About Me. My life is an open book. No, really: it's an open book. It's lying upside down somewhere in your vicinity. Go find it, and all will be revealed. Go! Shoo!
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals. Oppressor of Animals.
W- Worst Habit. Internet junkie, too much fast food lately.
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds. What about them? Which have I had? Which do I prefer? Which is more likely to be a secret tool of the Greys?...
Y- Your Favorite Foods. Pasta of various sorts, usually involving cheese; bloody rare cheeseburgers (see above re: oppressor, sigh); dark chocolate; eh, too many to list really
Z- Zodiac. Leo


Eli said...

On bloody rare cheeseburgers, and I know this is a reach, but they're *that* good...

If you're ever in, or even *near* Palo Alto (CA, Stanford territory), try to find a burger place called Kirk's. It doesn't look like much, but they have literally the best burgers in the world, and it's not even *close*. You can get pineapple on them, and they're so rare and juicy that you don't even need a drink (although I get their chunky pineapple milkshake just to be excessive).

I don't really miss anything at all about CA *except* Kirk's.

Kim said...

I'm a nutty mood and avioding work!
I'm ON it, sista!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I love it! What was it like growing up without siblings? I am open to an old child parenting situation and UC is totally against it. I've been trying to learn more from folks about their thoughts on this.

Andrea said...

Argh! I got tagged and I never even knew it!

Anonymous said...

fitting Take a piece of me