Friday, April 13, 2007

TV Guide capsule version:

Here is a chart for you it is simple and easy to remember:

Stop being such an asshole.

Making the same jokes you made in the 7th Grade, when you are an adult interacting with other adults, generally makes you an asshole. So just stop it. If you don’t we are well within our rights to call you an asshole.

Contrary to what this adolescent “politically incorrect” popular culture might have told you that is not a worthy thing to be.

--commenter ellenbrenna over at feministe


Dj Triple Threat said...

gurl. I have never blooged so much in my life until last week. LOl.
Now that the next victim appears to be gangsta rap. I have went and posted on banning that too.

DAV said...

I dunno... my dad was always pretty hard on himself. Often times after je might have to turn somebody over for collection he would call himself an asshole. Being a little one, I didn't realy know what it meant, just that my dad was one.

Later I learned he hated having to be so hard on people when they didn't pay their bills. Not saying I want to be an asshole, just sharing

Blackamazon said...

i dont say this enough I heart you

belledame222 said...