Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm ready for my sandwich, Mr. deMille

meh. hungry, yet...not. that is: i know i need to eat, yet none of the currently available options appeal. i did fast food burgers way too many times this last while. yesterday, for dinner (there are even fewer options in my neighborhood than in certain dreary parts of Manhattan), i had roast chicken from a Peruvian fast food joint. it used to be one of the few edible-ish places around; as with so many places around my spot, it seems to have gotten worse. anyway: it was gross.

i don't feel like cooking, either, so there too. and i'm out of groceries and can't be bothered...

going to Subway shortly i guess. cheese sandwich, with onion and a drop of oil. nothing else. water to drink. breath mint to follow. with this Spartan repast, a library book of Elizabeth David's writings propped up, in much the same way that one (oh noes) "uses" prawn (mmm. prawns. actually, ick, i don't like shrimp either) to get one through a rather run of the mill "relief" session.


i know you are all simply riveted by this.

i'll have more substantial nourishment for me and y'all...eventually.


nexy said...

i seem to only eat when i'm not hungry, and wallow in hunger pains when i am hungry. i've always been a little rebellious.

Veronica said...

ooh. i want subway. i get the veggie sub. mmmm.

Tom Nolan said...

When I lived in Oxford I used to get sandwiches from Harvey's in the High Street, usually on weekend mornings. A pan-full of sausages and bacon-rashers crammed into a foot long ciabatta, the whole thing inoculated with the contents of a squeezy bottle of HP sauce. My chin, my forearms, my lap and my settee were all rinsing in coffee-coloured pig-fat by midday. God, those sarnies were great.

Alon Levy said...

I used to dig Subway. Then it started getting on my nerves, and I looked at its nutritional information and saw its food is marginally healthier than McDonald's.

hipparchia said...


i get a salad [spinach when available], with meatballs. as many tomatoes and olives as i can talk them into giving me. extra onion. lots of parmesan cheese and oregano.

Central Content Publisher said...

Yeah, I used to live out of restaurants. I think I went a full year once without touching anything in my kitchen. But, I had to put my foot down, on myself.

Now, no matter what, I cook my own. It's a personal failure for me not to.

I'd recommend Anne Willan and Jane Grigson as well as Elizabeth David. And most of all, move close to a farmer's market.