Monday, March 19, 2007

Continuing a bit

on the Dominionist theme, and actually not unrelated to the following post either,

I'd meant to thoroughly review this book by Michelle Goldberg, Kingdom Coming; but, it's a one-week rental and due today, and tbh i couldn't bring myself to do more than skim and dip in and out. It's not that most of it was stuff I didn't already know, more or less, but...sometimes you're just not in the mood, you know? The Pink Swastika, the Council for National Policy, all of that--just not up for it.

anyhoo, just one bit that struck me as telling:

Roy Moore, who, in Goldberg's words,

compared the Constitution Restoration Act to the discipline one would mete out to a thieving housekeeper.

"It's kind of like if you had a maid who was coming into your house to clean for twenty years, and you find out she was stealing from you all this time. What would you tell her? Just don't take any more of my silverware? Or would you fire her, and kick her out of your house and say don't come back? That's what we need to do to the courts!..."


Eli said...

Stupid courts *never* let us have any fun.

*grumble grumble grumble*

Rootietoot said...

Oh Lord why did you have to bring up Roy Moore? That man...tsk. I was living in Alabama when all his 10 Commandments heroism was going down. Tsk. Bleh. Now I need to go listen to something anarchist. Thanks alot.